Photography has been a passion of mine since I was thirteen years old. At first it drew me in because it allowed me to capture to beautiful things in Creation, but over the years photography has taught me more about life than just about anything else. 

1. Patience

PhotographyOne of the first things photography taught me and continues to teach me with every session is patience. Sometimes it takes hours and hours of waiting for the perfect light to create the lighting I’ve imagined in my head. Sometimes it take twenty shots of the same group of people to capture a family photograph where they all have their eyes open. Photography has taught me to not expect perfection on the first try, but instead to keep trying until I do capture the image. It’s pretty obvious how that translates into other aspects of life. As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

2. Learning from mistakes

In college I studied film photography. We developed and printed our own film. Film is old school, but maybe some of you will remember how it works. You take photos “blindly”. You don’t get to keep checking the back of your camera to make sure you got the correct exposure or if it is in focus. Making mistakes with film photography is time consuming and expensive. I was forced to learn from my mistakes quickly, so that I didn’t keep doing it over and over. It’s the same with my mistakes outside of photography. The more quickly I learn, less likely I am to commit the same mistake again. 

3. Perspective

PhotographyOne of my favorite genres of photography is abstract photography. When I first began experimenting with this type of photography it was very difficult for me. I had to completely change the way I was looking at things, but once I did, it opened up a whole new world to me. Sometimes we need to think outside of the box, and once we do that, more opportunities and experiences will meet us. 

4. Investment

Photography requires an investment. It requires an investment financially and with time. It isn’t always easy to spend hours and dollars in training, classes, and equipment, but it is always worth it. Learning to wisely invest in my art plays over into other parts of my life. If I want to succeed at something, sometimes it requires some kind of sacrifice. Sacrifice isn’t always fun, but it does always help me grow as a photographer and person. 

5. Thankfulness

 Lastly, but certainly not least, photography has made me so thankful. Photography and teaching photography are two things I am most passionate about in life. Being able to do these things brings me so much joy, and I am continuously thanking God for the opportunity to do the things I love. 

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Caitlyn Wise is a photographer from the mountains of North Carolina. She studied photography in high school and college and has a Bachelors of Art-Fine Art Photography. She has been photographing for over ten years and has been teaching photography for seven years. Caitlyn has a passion for photographing the world and people around her. She hopes to instill a bit of that passion for the science and art of photography into her students. Besides photography, Caitlyn also enjoys reading, traveling to see friends and family around the world, and cooking.

Caitlyn teaches Introduction to Photography, Advanced Photography, Photojournalism, and Photography Club.

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