Why You Should Take Adobe Muse and Learn How to Build Websites Without Knowing Code.

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Adobe Muse is a great piece of software and can allow students to learn website development without knowing how to do any code!   In this video, Chris Johnson discusses why you might want to know how to use Adobe Muse and what kind of opportunities for website development and possible future jobs knowledge of it […]

A Biology Lesson from my Four-Year-Old Son

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I had a powerful exchange with my son when he was four years old, and his words made such an impact on me that I wrote them down after the conversation happened. Son: (looking quite pensive) Mom, when was I born? Me: May third. Son: (with much astonishment and questioning in his voice) ON MY […]

Do You Qualify for the “Homeschooling Parent Genius Award”?

Are you the smartest homeschooling parent? Follow me for a moment to find out. Origins Shorthand is where this all began. It was Caleb Phillips, and later Sir Isaac Pitman, who both offered the early correspondence schools for the purpose of instructing in the art of shorthand. In the case of Pitman, his instruction also […]

5 Signs a Medical Career Might Be a Good Fit for You

Have you ever considered a job working in the medical field? Such a career is a great option for many. Because there is a growing population in need of medical care, there are many jobs available. The education and training programs needed to qualify you for a career in medicine are readily available as well. […]

Ignite a Passion for Reading with Science Fiction

Is your student a reluctant reader but an avid consumer of movies and games with science fiction themes? Many find the themes frequently explored in science fiction — a passion for travelling through time to the distant reaches of the universe, the creation of artificial intelligences, or the unfolding of apocalyptic events — fascinating, and […]