Supporting Your Kids’ Passions When They Differ from Your Own

This may be a universal fear among homeschooling moms: “With all of my shortcomings, how can I prepare my children for further academic and career success?” If this sounds like you, then I can relate! I am a history and geography teacher, and my sons are now in college majoring in engineering. How did this […]

4 MUST-HAVES for Foreign Language Success

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If you are on the hunt for a Foreign Language program for your homeschooler, make sure the four main areas are covered: reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension. Reading is where learning a foreign language begins! Reading Any Foreign Language course worth its Salz must begin with learning the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and expressions. Dialogues and […]

Freshman 101: Why Should I Take an Online Course Now?

Many colleges, universities, and high schools are now offering online courses in addition to traditional classroom courses. Virtual learning offers several advantages over traditional learning. Below are five benefits of taking online courses while still in high school. Learning new technology Logging in, taking online assessments, and uploading assignment files are a few of the […]

Merci: You Mean it’s Not Pronounced “Mercy”?!

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When I first started to learn French, I was irrationally angry with my mother. “I’m going to fail,” I boldly proclaimed. “All the other moms took French in high school. Everyone is going to be way ahead of me. You didn’t take French. You can’t help me.” Merci? Contrary to my predictions, I did not […]

Tips for Preparing a Moist Turkey

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On the fourth Thursday in November, the American tradition of Thanksgiving has continued since the early 1600s. This is a special time to reflect on life with a grateful heart and celebrate the provisions given to each family. This gathering has been handed down for generations, but the ill-prepared turkey is one tradition that should […]