The Total Solar Eclipse of 1919

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The Total Solar Eclipse of 1919  Today I want to explain how the total solar eclipse in 1919 made Albert Einstein a celebrity. To do that, I must refer to his General Theory of Relativity. And I simply cannot grasp it. I was taught it, I’ve read about it, I’ve watched videos. Nothing, nada, zilch. […]

Umlauts: What’s the Deal with the Two Dots?

  Have you ever seen German words with two dots over some of the letters? Are they really necessary or do they just make a heavy-metal band name look cool, like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead? It’s doubtful these bäd böys actually knew whät they were döing when ädding ümläüts tö their bänd nämes. Umlauts do, […]

5 Tips for Photographing Your Family Vacation

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Summer is the time when many of us get to take some time away and head out on vacation. Luckily, the digital age has made it easy and convenient to photograph these vacations. Here are a few tips to take with you as you head out on your adventure. Tip #1: The Journey Often we […]

Five Common Pitfalls for English Speakers Learning Spanish to Avoid

Five Common Pitfalls for English Speakers Learning Spanish to Avoid English speakers encounter many pitfalls when they are learning Spanish. Below are five of the most common ones. El día, el problema not la día, la problema The often-repeated phrase ‘no problemo’ is actually incorrect Spanish. The correct thing to say is ‘no hay problema.’ […]

Why Middle School History Is Important

The other day a friend asked me why her child needs to study history in middle school. After all, they read history story picture books early on, and they would be taking history classes in high school.  Couldn’t they just skip history in the middle school years? You might imagine that as a history teacher, […]