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    Six Tips For Spanish Language Proficiency

    How to become proficient in Spanish “I studied Spanish and got an ‘A’, but I don’t remember anything.” This sentiment expresses what many of us feel about high school foreign language study. No one will ever achieve language proficiency by simply going to a foreign language class and doing the homework. Since immersion is out […]

    Punctuality: An Underappreciated Virtue

    The Need for Punctuality Outside of the sanctuaries of our homes, life is filled with deadlines. As a homeschool parent, I have savored the freedom of our family’s life at home; learning at one’s own pace is often rewarded with unparalleled creativity. However, I have also watched in sorrow as friends and acquaintances failed to […]

    We’re Talking STEAM – The Power of the ARTS in an Age of Innovation.

    Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in STEAM (Courses) | No Comments

    STEM to STEAM in Education One of the trends in public education is the idea of STEM schools, steering students toward careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We want our kids to be well-positioned in a world that is driven by rapid technological growth, and there’s good money to be made by engineers and […]

    Say “Bonjour” to the Most Important Word

    Posted by on Feb 23, 2017 in Unique Course Content | No Comments

    The Most Important Word Last night, I sat down to dinner with my husband at our local French restaurant. Simply walking through the door transports you to a snug Parisian bistro. As we were eating, we began talking about the French language. My husband is a fluent French speaker, and I, of course, am a […]

    Where’s the Fun? – Excelsior Classes Value Proposition – Part Two

    Posted by on Feb 13, 2017 in Excelsior Classes Info | No Comments

    Why Excelsior Classes? In our last blog post we discussed the values of excellence and rigor which Excelsior Classes brings to the  homeschool experience. But isn’t that boring? J Where’s the joie de vivre in that? Learning should be more than just challenging and professional. It should also unleash and express enthusiasm and delight! PASSION […]