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    Why Students Should Study the American Civil War

    The Civil War was long ago. It happened, the good guys won, slavery ended, and American History marched on, right? Then why is it important to study the Civil War, and to honor those who fought on both sides of the Conflict? America had been putting off resolving slavery since 1776. Every attempt resulted in […]

    Creative Exams: “Choose Your Own Final” Student Project Highlights

    How can you assess student learning in a literature class beyond papers? Creative projects! Students can use their talents, whatever they may be, to exhibit understanding and analysis in an out-of-the-box project. The projects below are a few samples from a course with Jenny Cutler. They are based on the hysterical comedic play Arsenic and […]

    Spring Fling or Fried: Figuring Out Who Should Teach Your Kids

    One would think that springtime is a lovely time of year full of sunshine, fun, and celebration. The truth of the matter for many homeschool families is actually far different. For many of us, spring heralds allergy season, sleep deprivation from Daylight Savings Time, and a host of ceremonies celebrating various accomplishments and achievements. If […]

    So, what’s the deal with the long German words?

    Mark Twain once wrote, “Some German words are so long that they have a perspective.” He wasn’t far off the mark. German is definitely known for its ϋber-long words. Many words in the German language are formed by combining two or more words, known in English as compound nouns. The meanings of the individual words […]

    Astronomy: Lost and Found

    Astronomy is by far the oldest science. Adam and Eve certainly marked off their days by the rising and setting sun, and marked their months by the moon’s phases. They watched the star patterns come and go with the seasons. And about one hundred years ago, astronomers determined that the original forty-eight constellations were created […]