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    Homeschooling Junior High Students … You Can Do This!

    “Why in the world would I ever want to teach Junior High science?” At one point in my teaching career, this is what I would have said. However, for the last seven years that is all I have taught… and I love it! Junior High is a tough age for students. They are not little […]

    Online Homeschooling: When All Else Fails

    I think most homeschooling parents who begin when their children are young would agree that at some point, things just get hard. As children grow older and more of them arrive, many moms encounter the difficulty of the number of children and preparations required. Others might confess trepidation at the thought of teaching high school […]

    Cheap Culture – Enjoying Museums for Free (or Almost Free)

    “Do you want to get into museums, but can afford it?  Do you want to know the admission hacks to get in for free or cheap?  Read on! We would all agree that museums, science centers, and historical sites are wonderful and educational spaces. They may even cross over in your mind to inspirational. But […]

    “Is My Child Ready for What the Real World Might Bring Them?”

    Is my son or daughter ready for _____________? I have been asked this question several times recently regarding the science classes that I teach. And it has prompted me to think about my own son who will be starting school soon. I have pondered the question of whether or not he is ready for the […]

    Applying Critical Thinking Skills in Legal Analysis

    What is Critical Thinking and Why it is Important? What exactly is Critical Thinking? How would you define the term? In my opinion, Critical Thinking is most easily defined as logical reasoning. It is the process by which we break down and synthesize facts to reach a logical conclusion. It is the process we employ […]