What Is The Electoral College and Does It Reflect The Popular Vote of The People?

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 If you examine Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution, you will not find the words “Electoral College” anywhere. Rather, you will find the system by which states appoint representatives, or “Electors,” to choose the President of the United States. Each state’s number of Electors is equal to the number of senators (2) and […]

Why You Should Take Adobe Muse and Learn How to Build Websites Without Knowing Code.

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Adobe Muse is a great piece of software and can allow students to learn website development without knowing how to do any code!   In this video, Chris Johnson discusses why you might want to know how to use Adobe Muse and what kind of opportunities for website development and possible future jobs knowledge of it […]

A Biology Lesson from my Four-Year-Old Son

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I had a powerful exchange with my son when he was four years old, and his words made such an impact on me that I wrote them down after the conversation happened. Son: (looking quite pensive) Mom, when was I born? Me: May third. Son: (with much astonishment and questioning in his voice) ON MY […]

5 Signs a Medical Career Might Be a Good Fit for You

Have you ever considered a job working in the medical field? Such a career is a great option for many. Because there is a growing population in need of medical care, there are many jobs available. The education and training programs needed to qualify you for a career in medicine are readily available as well. […]

The Power of Point of View

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If you write much at all, you’ve probably run into issues within your writing. Maybe you realize that a character isn’t coming across the way he/she needs to. Maybe you run into a snag in the plot. Maybe you simply don’t know where the story is going. There could be any number of issues, and […]