Architectural Drafting & Design I: An Online Architecture Class

Whether you are homeschooling or your public or private school just doesn’t offer this opportunity, your high schooler can take architecture classes online with Excelsior Classes. In Architectural Drafting & Design I & II, students learn to see, think, and draw like architects! Students starting out in any design field are usually limited in their […]

Why Students Should Study the American Civil War

The Civil War was long ago. It happened, the good guys won, slavery ended, and American History marched on, right? Then why is it important to study the Civil War, and to honor those who fought on both sides of the Conflict? America had been putting off resolving slavery since 1776. Every attempt resulted in […]

Spring Fling or Fried: Figuring Out Who Should Teach Your Kids

One would think that springtime is a lovely time of year full of sunshine, fun, and celebration. The truth of the matter for many homeschool families is actually far different. For many of us, spring heralds allergy season, sleep deprivation from Daylight Savings Time, and a host of ceremonies celebrating various accomplishments and achievements. If […]

Online Homeschooling: When All Else Fails

I think most homeschooling parents who begin when their children are young would agree that at some point, things just get hard. As children grow older and more of them arrive, many moms encounter the difficulty of the number of children and preparations required. Others might confess trepidation at the thought of teaching high school […]

Six Tips For Spanish Language Proficiency

How to become proficient in Spanish “I studied Spanish and got an ‘A’, but I don’t remember anything.” This sentiment expresses what many of us feel about high school foreign language study. No one will ever achieve language proficiency by simply going to a foreign language class and doing the homework. Since immersion is out […]