Merci: You Mean it’s Not Pronounced “Mercy”?!

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When I first started to learn French, I was irrationally angry with my mother. “I’m going to fail,” I boldly proclaimed. “All the other moms took French in high school. Everyone is going to be way ahead of me. You didn’t take French. You can’t help me.” Merci? Contrary to my predictions, I did not […]

Afraid of Science Labs?

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“I can’t do labs! They are messy or scary and I need special equipment.” The good news is that you don’t and you can do it! Science and discovery are all around us. You don’t need special equipment. You can do many labs with items around your house or found at your local store. Many […]

5 Tips for Photographing Your Family Vacation

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Summer is the time when many of us get to take some time away and head out on vacation. Luckily, the digital age has made it easy and convenient to photograph these vacations. Here are a few tips to take with you as you head out on your adventure. Tip #1: The Journey Often we […]

Summer Fun and Education: Can You Have Both?

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As the books and computers are put away and the grades have all been handed out, I am often left with a feeling of worry. What will we do this summer? Will it be a summer filled with TV, computer games, and Xbox? That is the last thing I want; however, sometimes I feel like […]

Food and Friendships Found Online

The cuisines of the world bring joy to our taste buds and nourishment to our stomachs. This post is dedicated to the friendships developed through online cuisine and pastry classes. I refer to these relationships as “soul food,” because I am a foodie. Soul food is defined by Food Lover’s Companion as the “fare [that] […]