Do You Qualify for the “Homeschooling Parent Genius Award”?

Are you the smartest homeschooling parent? Follow me for a moment to find out. Origins Shorthand is where this all began. It was Caleb Phillips, and later Sir Isaac Pitman, who both offered the early correspondence schools for the purpose of instructing in the art of shorthand. In the case of Pitman, his instruction also […]

Wonderful Word Wizardry – Be a Vocabulary Master!

An important part of most courses, regardless of the subject, is vocabulary. Whether it is a list of events in history, scientific names and processes in biology, theories and operations in algebra, a list of verbs in a foreign language, or literary elements and words used in a novel in Language Arts, vocabulary acquisition is […]

Homeschoolers Scoring High on Literature and Essay Testing (Part 1)

How can homeschooled students earn AP or SAT II type college credit without Advanced Placement classes? More easily than you might think. Scoring well on the writing portion of such tests involves two components: harnessing and creatively expressing ideas, and organizing and formatting them correctly. Rest assured that your student probably holds the first component […]

The Importance of Studying Mythology

It is not uncommon for parents to be wary of teaching their children about ancient mythologies. Though it is important to guard our hearts and minds, learning about ancient civilizations is also important. This is exceptionally true of Greek mythology because the allusions are far reaching and having a base knowledge will provide important context. […]

Homeschooling Junior High Students … You Can Do This!

“Why in the world would I ever want to teach Junior High science?” At one point in my teaching career, this is what I would have said. However, for the last seven years that is all I have taught… and I love it! Junior High is a tough age for students. They are not little […]