Why Middle School History Is Important

The other day a friend asked me why her child needs to study history in middle school. After all, they read history story picture books early on, and they would be taking history classes in high school.  Couldn’t they just skip history in the middle school years? You might imagine that as a history teacher, […]

Food and Friendships Found Online

The cuisines of the world bring joy to our taste buds and nourishment to our stomachs. This post is dedicated to the friendships developed through online cuisine and pastry classes. I refer to these relationships as “soul food,” because I am a foodie. Soul food is defined by Food Lover’s Companion as the “fare [that] […]

Architectural Drafting & Design I: An Online Architecture Class

Whether you are homeschooling or your public or private school just doesn’t offer this opportunity, your high schooler can take architecture classes online with Excelsior Classes. In Architectural Drafting & Design I & II, students learn to see, think, and draw like architects! Students starting out in any design field are usually limited in their […]

Press On! Simple Homeschooling Advice and Encouragement

Learning As We Go  In our family, we have two older boys, and then an eight-year gap between our younger son and our daughter. While spending time with my daughter’s friends and their moms, as the “veteran” homeschool mom, I sometimes get questions about homeschooling. While I am definitely still learning as I go and […]

Do You Qualify for the “Homeschooling Parent Genius Award”?

Are you the smartest homeschooling parent? Follow me for a moment to find out. Origins Shorthand is where this all began. It was Caleb Phillips, and later Sir Isaac Pitman, who both offered the early correspondence schools for the purpose of instructing in the art of shorthand. In the case of Pitman, his instruction also […]