Tips to Make Your Living Space Seem Larger

If you are starting to feel a little cramped in your living space, wanting to freshen up, or, like me, selling your home and want it to look its best, then here are a few tips on how to make your home feel larger. Optimize your spaces functionally and visually. The age-old advice to declutter […]

Creative Exams: “Choose Your Own Final” Student Project Highlights

How can you assess student learning in a literature class beyond papers? Creative projects! Students can use their talents, whatever they may be, to exhibit understanding and analysis in an out-of-the-box project. The projects below are a few samples from a course with Jenny Cutler. They are based on the hysterical comedic play Arsenic and […]

The Importance of Studying Mythology

It is not uncommon for parents to be wary of teaching their children about ancient mythologies. Though it is important to guard our hearts and minds, learning about ancient civilizations is also important. This is exceptionally true of Greek mythology because the allusions are far reaching and having a base knowledge will provide important context. […]

Applying Critical Thinking Skills in Legal Analysis

What is Critical Thinking and Why it is Important? What exactly is Critical Thinking? How would you define the term? In my opinion, Critical Thinking is most easily defined as logical reasoning. It is the process by which we break down and synthesize facts to reach a logical conclusion. It is the process we employ […]

Writer’s Block is So Yesterday: Overcome Your Obstacles in 7 Steps

Struggling with writer’s block can be very defeating! If you’ve been writing for any amount of time, you’ve likely hit the proverbial wall that all writers fear. Though it may seem like a rite of passage, you do not have to subject yourself to the frustration that is writer’s block. You CAN overcome it quickly, […]