Umlauts: What’s the Deal with the Two Dots?

  Have you ever seen German words with two dots over some of the letters? Are they really necessary or do they just make a heavy-metal band name look cool, like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead? It’s doubtful these bäd böys actually knew whät they were döing when ädding ümläüts tö their bänd nämes. Umlauts do, […]

Five Common Pitfalls for English Speakers Learning Spanish to Avoid

Five Common Pitfalls for English Speakers Learning Spanish to Avoid English speakers encounter many pitfalls when they are learning Spanish. Below are five of the most common ones. El día, el problema not la día, la problema The often-repeated phrase ‘no problemo’ is actually incorrect Spanish. The correct thing to say is ‘no hay problema.’ […]

5 Signs a Medical Career Might Be a Good Fit for You

Have you ever considered a job working in the medical field? Such a career is a great option for many. Because there is a growing population in need of medical care, there are many jobs available. The education and training programs needed to qualify you for a career in medicine are readily available as well. […]

Ignite a Passion for Reading with Science Fiction

Is your student a reluctant reader but an avid consumer of movies and games with science fiction themes? Many find the themes frequently explored in science fiction — a passion for travelling through time to the distant reaches of the universe, the creation of artificial intelligences, or the unfolding of apocalyptic events — fascinating, and […]

4 Reasons Why Homeschoolers Should Study Screenwriting (and Get English Comp Credit for It)

  “Film is the literature of our age.” “Those who tell the stories shape the culture.” The first quote is by Steven Spielberg. I’ll reveal who said the second one in a moment. These two quotes remind us how influential and pervasive stories through film have become in our culture. No one can deny the […]