Tips for Preparing a Moist Turkey

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On the fourth Thursday in November, the American tradition of Thanksgiving has continued since the early 1600s. This is a special time to reflect on life with a grateful heart and celebrate the provisions given to each family. This gathering has been handed down for generations, but the ill-prepared turkey is one tradition that should […]

I Need a New Computer… What Should I Get?

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“I need a new computer… but what should I get?” Have you ever asked this question? I have been approached with this inquiry more times than I can remember by someone hoping to probe my brain for an answer. Most often, my reply is either, “How do you know you need a new one?” or […]

What is Graphic Design and why you need to know it.

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At some point in your life you will need to create some sort of advertisement. Whether it’s a project for college, a poster for church, or even a website for your own business you will want it to look professional. Knowing the ins and outs of graphic design is a must. What is Graphic Design? […]

The Foodie Generation: Taking Eating Online!

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The Foodie Generation                 A foodie is defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” This is not a new concept; for centuries people have been labeled gourmets, epicures, gastronomes, or gourmands.                 As a culture we are fascinated with fine foods, and we have so […]

Six Tips For Spanish Language Proficiency

How to become proficient in Spanish “I studied Spanish and got an ‘A’, but I don’t remember anything.” This sentiment expresses what many of us feel about high school foreign language study. No one will ever achieve language proficiency by simply going to a foreign language class and doing the homework. Since immersion is out […]