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How Do You Know?

Instructor: Mr. John Willoughby
Email: johnwilloughby@excelsiorclasses.com
Time: COMING FALL 2018
(90 minutes – see School Calendar on FAQ)
Ages: Upper High School
Prerequisites: None
Homework Load: College Prep
Suggested Credit: .5
Tuition: $275
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Class Description and Required Supplies Coming Soon!

Course description and class content developed by John Willoughby for exclusive use with Excelsior Classes.


Note Taking Necessities

Instructor: Mrs. Jenny Cuter
Email: jennycutler@excelsiorclasses.com
Time: Spring Semester, Tuesdays at 12:00 PM ET
(90 minutes – see School Calendar on FAQ)
Ages: Junior High and High School Students
Min/Max#: 7/28
Prerequisites: none
Homework Load: Light/Normal (Some homework can be combined with student’s other
Suggested Credit: .5
Tuition: $275
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What is one of the most critical skills that can make or break a student’s ability to succeed in academic pursuits? Note taking! This course focuses on note taking basics – how to take and then utilize notes for effective learning. Some forms of note taking covered include: t-charts, bullet points, Cornell notes, picture/doodle notes, idea charts and webs, mind maps, and summaries.  Taking notes based on lectures, textbooks, literature, and research are covered. Students will practice marking up and annotating works and using proper citations. They will explore and practice many types of note taking skills in order to develop an effective and individualized approach that will work best for themselves. This course is practical, accessible, and applicable to any area of study, and homework will be primarily open-ended, so students can practice the skills taught in their other courses and turn in those notes for credit.   Materials are teacher provided.

Course description and class content developed by Jenny Cutler for exclusive use with Excelsior Classes.

Required Supplies:

All materials provided by teacher.

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