There are two basic steps in order to purchase courses for your student(s).



1. Create a family account by clicking on “Membership Sign Up” in the blue bar at the very top of the page.

2. Click on “Add to Cart” to add a Family Account to your cart and then click on “View Cart.”

3. There is a space for a coupon code if you have one for the family membership fee. Click on Apply Coupon. Click on “Proceed to checkout.” The current code is discountparent for $10 off.

4. Follow the prompts regarding demographic and financial information under “Billing Details” in the left column.  Create your password for your parent login in this left column as well.

5. Enter the parent information in “Class Assignment” fields in the right column and an “N/A” in the “Date of Birth” field when you are purchasing the family membership. (You will later use this field for assigning classes to a student.)

6. Complete the purchase by entering a major credit card number or use PayPal.

7. You will receive an email detailing your information including your username for login. You can click on the link in the email, or you can continue shopping for classes.

Your parent account is active, and you can see all of your purchases at any time.

The family membership fee is good for the current school year and enables you to register your students for any class or club for that school year.



Once you have purchased the family membership, you may now purchase classes for students. Parents need to purchase classes for one student at a time in the shopping cart; in other words, each additional student will require a separate transaction. This will allow the registrar to appropriately place your students in the correct classes.

1. Decide which student will be this shopping cart’s focus. 🙂

2. Make sure you are logged in to your Parent Account by clicking on “Log In” in the top blue bar. (If it says “Log Out,” you are currently logged in.)

3. Visit the Course Catalog and use the filter function to search for classes.

4. When you have selected a class for purchase, add the course to the cart.

5. When you have finished all of your class selections, click on the cart and review them.

6. You will be asked the name of the student as well as the student’s own personal email. This must be an individual email not shared with the parent or another sibling as the learning management system requires each login ID to have a unique and unshared email. Not supplying this information may result in a delay in your student’s access to the LMS close to the start of classes.

7. Finalize your purchase using any major credit card or PayPal. You will only be charged 30% of the tuition price to hold the seat for your student. This is a non-refundable purchase, so please be sure of your selections. Your teacher(s) will bill the remainder due as detailed in the FAQ. Refund and change policies are all explained in detail in the FAQ.

8. You will receive an email detailing your purchase, and this information will also be stored in the parent account as well.

Repeat this for each student or in multiple sessions. If you have questions, please email