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Kerrie Childress

From a parent:  "My daughter loved Kerrie as a teacher for Pre-Anatomy and Physiology."

From a parent:  "My son took a class with her and loved it. Wonderful teacher."

From a parent:  "You've come highly recommended by so many in our homeschool group!  I so thankful that you are using your talents to help teach our children."

From a student:  "So glad you have the opportunity to teach even more students, since you were my favorite high school science teacher!"

From a student:  "Thanks so much for being such a brilliant teacher."

From a parent: "[Student] LOVES your class and having you as a teacher"

From a parent: "At least for our family, you have taken a subject that is not my favorite (I'm a writing teacher) and made it interesting for my daughter. She is a student who has never really enjoyed science, yet just yesterday informed me she loves chemistry."

From a (former) student: "Hi Mrs Childress. I took your chemistry class in 11th grade and loved every moment of it. I am now a freshman in college majoring in chemistry. Thank you so much for giving me such a good foundation and love for the subject. You are amazing teacher!"

Michael Childress

From a parent: "Our daughter completed the computer lab and repair class with Mr. Childress. Not only was he an excellent teacher, he was an excellent exhorter for the students to stand fast in their faith. His last day where he shared scriptures with them for their future meant so much to our daughter. We were blessed by Mr. Childress' teaching and so very thankful for your company's commitment to homeschooling."

Jenny Cutler

From a student: "Thank you so much for teaching me, this was my favorite class and I'l never forget it. I hadn't thought about it before, but I think I'd like to be an English major now."

From a parent: "Mrs. Cutler loved her students! This fact, along with her love and knowledge of literature and the English language, were her strengths. She held the bar high in this class, but I am one who appreciates this. My daughter was challenged, but inspired to reach for great heights by Mrs. Cutler. Through much work and perseverance, my daughter proved to herself that she could jump over that bar. Thank you, Mrs. Cutler, it was an amazing class this year."

From a student: "Thank you for all you taught me, I learned so much this year. I can't believe how much I learned in just one year!"

From a parent: "You don't waste any time. I can tell you live what you teach."

From a parent: "He really is enjoying the class and I can tell that he is thinking of what he might like to become or something he might like to pursue in college. So I am very excited to watch him as just a couple of nights ago as he was reading his folktales book, he said, 'Mom, you should read this one, it's really good.'"

Gene Doremus

From students: "We loved our classes with Lt. Col. Doremus! He presents difficult material in an approachable and easy to learn manner. His subjects are fun and he makes the material entertaining and engaging. [There is n]ever.a.dull.moment with Lt. Col. Doremus."

From a parent: "Lt. Col. Doremus is an amazing teacher who is invested in his students. He is well informed and captivates their attention presenting history as a story for all to enjoy!"

From a parent: "Lt. Col. Gene Doremus is the teacher that everyone wishes they could have! He is passionate about the subjects that he teaches which translates into passion for learning on the student's part. My son absolutely loves his classes and has said many times that Lt. Col. Doremus is his favorite teacher ever! His knowledge and interest in the subject matter is evident and he has even taken the time to write his own workbooks for the classes he teaches. I am thankful for the opportunities that my son has had to be a student of Lt. Col. Gene Doremus and I know that he will be the teacher that is remembered fondly for years to come!"

Gina Duss

From a student:  I love learning French, and I think Mme Duss loves teaching it. She always seems excited to be in class. Mme Duss is really friendly and is very quick to help when I have a problem. I love the learning games we play in class, and I always understand when she explains things.

From a parent:  I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all your patience…I've watched some of the recordings, and I notice that your kindness builds the students up and makes them more likely to WANT to participate. [Student name] is enjoying the class. 🙂

From a parent: You rock and are doing an incredible job! We really appreciate all the extra time and effort you are putting into this.  We are blessed to have all three of our children learning from you!

Susan Eggers

From a parent: "To me, the best measure of Mrs. Eggers’ teaching (in my opinion) is that all of my children have asked if they can please take another class with her as the teacher!  Love her!"

From a parent: "Mrs. Eggers is one of the most dedicated teachers I've ever known.  My son learned so much under her teaching, and she has helped him narrow down what he would like to study in college through her teaching."

From a parent: "[Student] has really enjoyed your class and has been telling her friends that for the first time, she is really enjoying history and learning a lot."

From a student: "Thank you so much for a great year of geography and fun. You are a GREAT teacher and I enjoyed learning with you. I learned many fascinating things in your class, and I hope there will be another year I will be in your class…"

From a student: "Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed taking your geography class and having you as a teacher!! You were my favorite teacher this year… I had sooo much fun learning about all the different countries. You made it very exciting to learn!! "

From a student: "Mrs. Eggers ha[s] the big picture in mind.  She is clear and connects the dots for her students well.  Most history books I have read were just random facts thrown together.  Mrs. Eggers connect[s] the times well... She is quite the accomplished historian."

Becky Frank

From a parent: "Thank you so much for this year of US History for our son! This is not his favorite subject, but you made it enjoyable, informative, and engaging. We appreciate the depth of your knowledge, but more importantly, your passion for the subject and the students. Thank you for making this class such a positive experience!"

From a parent: "She’s had a great year with you this year—loves history because of you!!"

From a parent: "In everything you have done as my son's American History teacher you have been professional and gone above and beyond to ensure that my son receive a great year of learning.   This was one class my son truly enjoyed and enjoyed sharing with us the interesting things he learned.   God bless you greatly for your help and dedication to your students.  We love Mrs. Frank!"

Heather Getson

From a student: "Mom, I reeeally like Mrs. Getson...she's a really fun teacher that makes class enjoyable.

From a student: "I have never enjoyed learning about the wonders within science as much as I have during your class. You made every Wednesday a break from the humdrum proceedings of normal home schooled, life and turned the middle of the week into a day that I began to always look forward to because I knew that listening to you explain the marvel of physics within class would brighten my day entirely."

From a parent: "My son...has loved taking your class. It was fun, challenging, yet balanced, and very interesting. Thank you for being an exceptional educator!

Susan Gleason

From a parent: “…I was determined to find a qualified teacher and a rigorous course. I selected Susan Gleason as their teacher. Her extensive experience in German language and culture has enriched our children’s education… The children worked hard to fulfill Susan’s high expectations, and so they learned a lot. Mrs. Gleason’s faith permeated every aspect of her teaching whether in pursuing excellence academically, or selecting German Bible verses, German sermons, and German music each week. The children knew they could trust Mrs. Gleason to teach them well, because they understood that she cared very deeply about their souls, character and German academics."

From a parent: "Frau Gleason was my son's online teacher for German I and German III. Her fluency in the language, her organization of the syllabus and classroom time, and her personal attention to each student made this an outstanding academic experience. Communication to the students and the parents was always thoughtful and thorough. Frau Gleason was easy to reach with questions on the material or other concerns about the class. She helped build rapport among the students by hosting occasional webcam days, creating fun student surveys, and by encouraging participation. This was our first experience with a live, online class in our home school, and it was entirely successful. Best of all, she has incorporated Scripture memory into the German class, to make the language both alive and ultimately useful. I would give Frau Gleason my highest recommendation!"

From a parent: “Our son has really enjoyed taking German online from Frau Gleason. Her personal attention to each student really made a difference in helping him love learning the language. Even though the class was online, she took time to get to know our son personally, was gracious in answering his e-mail questions, and held him and the entire class to rigorous standards. She did more than just teach the students grammar and vocabulary, she also introduced them to the culture of the language as well, providing assignments to engage with German language media, music and news. In short, not only did our child learn a new language but he also gained experience as a citizen of the globe. We highly recommend Frau Gleason's classes to others.  Vielen Dank, Frau Gleason!”

Jodi Guerra

From a student: "American Lit with Mrs. Guerra was the most memorable and practical class I took with… Mrs. Guerra is the most kind, knowledgeable, and relatable teacher you will ever have. Her passion for literature is infectious and will turn even the most hesitant reader into a lover of good books. She introduced me to works that I have re-read many times since...even in college! Speaking of college, her methodical assignments and detailed feedback were great preparation for college lit classes (which everyone takes at some point). It really did give me an edge in the classroom, especially when we were assigned an American Lit book! Practicality aside, Mrs.Guerra is just an awesome person to get to know and that is worth the price alone."

From a student: "Mrs. Guerra was one of the best teachers I have ever had. She made a subject that, I'll have to admit, could at times be boring to me, fascinating and compelling. Why? Because she was so genuinely passionate about what she was teaching. Her eyes lit up when she talked about Stephen Crane's writing style or the flooring realism of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Mrs. Guerra could be talking about the water cycle, and if she were passionate about it, I'd sit through a two hour lecture about it! She also obviously cared about me as a student - helped me when I was struggling with something, and saw it through until I had it conquered. It doesn't matter how many years pass after high school; I'll always remember Mrs. Guerra for standing out from the crowd of teachers teaching because it was their job, and teaching because she loved it."

From a student: "Over my high school years, I’ve taken Mrs. Guerra’s Survey of American Literature, Shakespeare Sampler, and American Gothics class, and I’ve loved all of them. In each class, we had the chance to analyze literature within the culture and how it developed over time, but also what each individual piece of literature communicates and the mind behind it—the author’s perspective and background. Through Mrs. Guerra’s classes, my love for literature has deepened, and I have learned to even appreciate writing styles I do not necessarily like because of her eye-opening and indiscriminate insight in class each week. In the long run, I feel that my own insight has deepened and that I am able to understand literature more fully because I recognize its significance and its limitless capacity to express. I will miss Mrs. Guerra so much as I head off to college as an English major. She is by far the best literature teacher I’ve had."


From a parent: "Jodi Guerra is simply the finest teacher our children have encountered.  When we elected to enroll our teens in selective online classes we had concerns about how homeschooling moms would make the transition to classroom instruction and how they would handle the tech medium used to deliver instruction.  Jodi not only made that jump with professional ease, she was also able to communicate heart, that undefinable and elusive gift that only the very best teachers have.  Our teens loved the challenging instruction and looked forward to the next class they could take with Mrs. Guerra.  As parents we concur, Mrs. Guerra is the best!"

Bethany Hathaway

From a student: “Thank you so much for being my teacher this year. You have been kind, fun, caring, and loving. This semester has been so much fun and I loved the poem part the most. I have learned so much from everything. I hope that I will see you again and that you will be my teacher once more. I will always remember you and thank you for all of your prayers.”

From a student: “Thank you for being the world’s best teacher! Thank you for always helping students learn and prosper in our studies. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be your student for a whole year!”

From a student: “Thank you so much for teaching and sacrificing yourself and your time! I have learned so much and have had a lot of fun!”

From a parent: "Bethany became more than a teacher, she became a mentor and friend to our daughter. Her teaching style appealed to her and her gentle spirit inspired our daughter to learn, work hard, and apply herself for the glory of Christ. Often, around the dinner table, she would share what she was learning and things Mrs. Hathaway said in class that she found interesting or uplifting. She was challenged academically, and has grown in her understanding and use of the English language in writing and speaking."

From a parent: "Mrs. Hathaway brings out the best in her students, which is a distinguishing mark of teaching with excellence. Professionally I serve as a teaching resource in art education. At the end of the school year in 2015, I realized I needed help in teaching my own daughter how to write. By the end of the school year, she came alive in so many ways! Not only was my daughter gaining technical skills and digging into her writing assignments; she was talking to others about the great books of literature books she was reading."

Chris Johnson

From a student: "Through the Photoshop II class, I learned various ways on how to use Photoshop. We learned simple things like how to edit pictures and more complex things like graphic designing. Mr. Johnson was an excellent teacher! He was extremely helpful, patient, and fun. He was always willing to help us grasp each concept and learn how to do it. Mr. Johnson really cared about his students, which made class and homework so much better! This is a MUST class for anyone who is thinking about being a graphic designer or photographer."

From a student: "By taking Photoshop 101 and 201, I learned numerous ways to edit, and create. It opened up a whole new passion for graphic design, and built upon my already-existing passion for art. Mr. Johnson was very patient, helpful, and always had an answer for any question I had. I am excited to take Adobe Muse from Mr. Johnson this Spring!"

Melisa Kaiser
From a parent: "I want to thank you for your excellent instruction these last several months in your Architectural Drafting & Design I & II classes.  They are [student's] favorite classes and have solidified her desire to be an architect one day."
From a parent: "My son took the architecture class...with Melisa Kaiser. She is a top notch teacher and he loved the class. I highly recommend her."
From a student: "Thank you so much for teaching me new skills and for inspiring me to use my talents for God!"
From a student: "Thank you very much for kindling in me a passion for architecture. Thank you for being ever so patient, kind, and helpful."
Tom Khazoyan

From a student: "Before I took these classes, I didn’t know for sure if filmmaking was something I wanted to do or if it was God’s will for me. But now, I know without a doubt that I am passionate about filmmaking and that it truly is God’s will for me to serve Him and make a difference in the world through visual media. Thank you so very much for helping me to discover my life purpose."

From a parent: "...of the five classes my daughter is taking this fall, you have by far challenged her the most. She appreciates your thoughtful comments on her work and has been motivated to take her creative writing skills to a new level."

From a Screen Writing student: "I'm a novelist as well, and you've really broadened my whole story-making landscape (and I've been writing stories since I could put pen to paper) in the past semester and I'm really glad to have taken this class."

From a student: "Thanks so much for all of your notes and the live classes. I loved it so much! You're such an engaging teacher with actual experience in the field you're teaching, which is something homeschooled kids don't get very often ;-)"


Diana Lamolinara

From a student: "Thanks again so much for helping me out this morning. I was thinking the other night how much I've enjoyed your class and what a wonderful teacher you've been. I'm not the best at Spanish ;), but you've always been very helpful and patient. In class, you're cheerful and explain the material very well, so even someone who struggles with languages (like me) can understand the concept."

From a parent: "You have been so kind to our family and such a good teacher.Thanks for always working with me!  [Student] said this week she would really miss you as a teacher."

From a parent: "Thank you so much.  I really appreciate all your input and your willingness to go that extra mile with your students. The extra attention goes a long way."

From a student: "Muchas gracias, Sra!  You have been such an excellent teacher, and I will definitely recommend you for anyone looking to take Spanish... Thank you so much for the way you specifically helped me as an individual student this semester."

Sarah Lehtinen

From a parent: "Thank you for always communicating so well with us! Our daughter loves your class and can't wait to continue with you!"

From a student: "Mme, thank you for making our classes so interesting. I never thought that I would enjoy learning about grammar, but your lessons made it fun. You are so energetic, and I always enjoyed coming to class!"

From a student: "Thank you for all the ways you encouraged me this year. Your class is part of the reason that I've decided to become a French major!"

Jennifer Pasos

From a parent: "Can you effectively teach CULINARY CLASSES online? A resounding YES!! Chef Pasos is an engaging instructor who takes a genuine interest in her students successes and offers encouragement and tips for improvement when things do not go as planned in the kitchen. Our daughter had an interest in all things baking prior to these classes but under Chef Pasos' instruction, interest has been fanned into flame. Whether taking her classes as “[l]ife [s]kill” training or tracking in a more “[p]rofessional” direction, instruction from Chef Jennifer Pasos will be fun, enjoyable and beneficial for your student."

From a student: "Chef Pasos was one of my favorite teachers. She was very knowledgeable and always made herself available to me whenever I needed help. She is a great teacher and I always looked forward to her classes. I would recommend her culinary classes to anyone with the slightest interest in food."

From a student: "Classes with Chef Pasos are always fun and enjoyable. I can assure you that you will learn a lot if you choose to take this class! I was (and am) very interested in all things baking/ cooking when I started taking her classes two years ago, and I can truly say that my skills have been sharpened,much improved, and have blossomed while taking them. Chef [Pasos] is an amazing teacher who really takes time to invest in her students lives and help them develop their culinary skills. So whether you are taking these classes for a life skills class or for a more professional route, it is a very fun and informative class that I highly recommend.

Julie Rapelje

From a student:  "Thank you so much - your class is a huge inspiration to me."

From a student"  "Hey!  I think you're great and your class is great and colored pencils are great and you're my favorite teacher and this is a run on sentences and...."

From a student:  "Thank you so much for being an AH-MAZING teacher!!!  I have really enjoyed your classes and will miss having you as a teacher next year!"

From a student: "I cannot explain the level of joy your class gave me this semester.  Not only did I have an amazing time, but also I learned a ton.  You've helped me to see the beauty in all art whether by the hand of a master of a beginner...Thank you and may the Lord bless you!"

From a parent: "I wanted to tell you, a little over a year ago I told [my daughter] that I wanted her to try an art history class - that she would only have to take one.  Three weeks into your first class, she told me emphatically, 'I want to take all four!'  Thanks for being such a great teacher."

From a parent:  "We are so blessed to have had you in our lives to teach."

From a parent: "Your enthusiasm for the subject matter is not only refreshing, but infectious!"

Charlotte Royal

From a parent: "My son, [Student], enjoys your class so much. He has a great love for the Japanese culture, and you have been the perfect teacher for him. He always speaks so highly of you and the way you direct conversations so positively. He has learned so much... I have never seen him work so diligently and happily for any class."

From a parent: "[Student] decided to minor in Japanese. I think that is all your doing and I am thrilled."

From a parent: "The genuine interest you take in your students shines through as I listen to my son's participation in your class. Thank you for that."

From a parent: "I wanted to tell you how much he enjoys your class and how much I enjoy your class. I often sit beside him during all of his [...] classes to ensure that he stays focused and your teaching style is wonderful. It’s so supportive and encouraging. You really have a gift for fostering an inclusive atmosphere that not only teaches, but makes the process fun and engaging. Awesome job. So, thank you for sharing your gifts with not just [Student], but with all of the students."

Erin Sipe

From a parent: "Thank you so much for teaching this class. Of all the classes [my children] have taken, I have to say you are best communicator. Not only the best communicator, but you are a wonderful motivator and teacher. Also the content of your class is fabulous. Sincerely, I thank you."

From a parent: "I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much [my son] enjoyed class today!  He was particularly excited about learning new rules for the semicolon and the slash! 🙂 ... He’s also using his new vocabulary words in everyday conversation. Yesterday, he was walking along a balance beam and happily exclaimed, 'Look, I’m like a funambulist!' ... He absolutely loves your class! :-)"

From a student: "This was by far the best literature/writing class I have ever taken. I can’t even start to describe how much experience I have obtained in this class. And it’s all because of a great teacher who cares for her students by encouragement and perseverance…"

From a student: "I have always loved reading and writing, but I feel this class really opened up the love of literature and the ability to write a decent essay. After looking at a book and thinking at first that it is impossible to get through, I can now tackle any thick (or thin) book and know it isn’t impossible…A huge thanks to Mrs. Sipe for grading essays and teaching me what makes good writing."

Debbie Stokes

From a parent: "Mrs. Stokes is a warm but challenging teacher. My son took her pre-biology class and specifically asked to study with her again for Biology.  I was impressed with the material he covered and his retention of the reading and classes.  My son really enjoyed the projects and they were surprisingly helpful at helping him understand and remember different aspects of Biology."

From a parent: "Mrs. Stokes is very personable.  She explained things very well, was easy to communicate with and worked with us when we had questions. She was jolly and energetic and loved her subject matter.  I will recommend her to ANYONE who wants to take Biology online! Absolutely loved her!"

From a parent: "Mrs. Stokes is my daughter’s favorite teacher because of her fun, interesting, interactive classes.  She goes beyond the textbook and makes students WANT to attend class.  Her assignments are fun while very educational. She is very personable and treats students as individuals."

From a student: "Mrs. Stokes is an excellent teacher!  She requires all the students to work hard as we should and also encouraged us to grow closer to God.  She is a very considerate teacher.  Also, she has a great sense of humor, which made the class more enjoyable, too!  I loved this class.  I learned a ton and would definitely take it again.  She's awesome and by far one of the best teachers I've ever had."

From a student: "Mrs. Stokes was honestly the best teacher I've ever had. She has a real natural talent.  Science is usually my weak point, and I got an A in biology, thanks to Mrs. Stokes' wonderful teaching. :)"

From a student: "I love how Mrs. Stokes explained the material.  She made it a lot more interesting and easier to remember.  She was the best teacher I've ever had for an online class."


Mrs. Stokes made the class FUN while providing strong material and a good balance of workload.  She is a natural teacher, easy to understand, and always uplifting.  (student)

Marilyn Whitlock

From a parent: "Mrs. Whitlock is simply THE BEST!! I have never thought more highly of any teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Whitlock. Your knowledge of grammar, literature, poetics, and writing is second to none and I am so eternally grateful that two of my daughter have had you. I feel as if they are very prepared for their futures thanks to you!!"

From a parent: "Mrs. Whitlock is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her subject matter and it is evident in her teaching. She not only has a love for her discipline, but a love for her students as well. She truly wants her students to succeed in learning the English language and it shows in your usage of the full 85 minutes of class. She returns graded assignments quickly and gives useful feedback that is helpful to the student in applying to future assignments. Finally, she is responsive to students and parents for any questions regarding English. She is one of the finest!"

From a student: "Thanks for teaching me more grammar in one year than in all my grammar studies. I will be joining you next year and I can't wait for it to start. I have learned so much this year it's crazy awesome. Thank you for sharing your God given talent with me and my class."

From a student: "Thank you so much for teaching me for two years! I have loved every minute of your classes. You have really impacted me; I used to hate English before your classes, and now I love it. I also feel like my writing has improved so much in your classes. I would love to keep in touch with you over the years."

John Willoughby

From a student: "I had so much fun in your Microsoft class.  Before the first class I wondered what the teacher and the class would be like.  When I logged in to the first class, I instantly knew you would be an awesome teacher when I saw a picture of you standing in the sea wearing a burgundy suit!"

From a student: "I just wanted to let you know that this school year with history has been the best so far. I never really enjoyed history  but after taking your class and learning about the Cold War, I really appreciate history. Thanks for being an amazing and fun teacher (a reallllly fun teacher at that actually)."

Thanks again, it was a blast.
Caitlyn Wise

From a student: "Miss Wise is Awesome.  110%.  Seriously.  You will never ever regret having her as a teacher.  Promise!"

From a student: "I personally have been into photography even before taking her classes, but I won’t hesitate to say that through the courses she teaches I have greatly improved as a photographer.  The friendly, helpful peer support she inspires has made everything a lot more fun, and she creates a positive and open environment that makes classes feel like a safe and welcoming place for photographers of all ages and skill levels."
From a student: "I have been a part of the Photography [Club] for some time now, and it has been an amazing experience that has really helped me grow as a photographer. It's clear how much work and time you / Miss Wise put(s) into your/her classes, and I'm truly grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of it. I'd be in every class you/she ever has if I could!"
From a parent: ""My son, [student], is a photography enthusiast.  He is really blessed to be part of Ms. Wise's photography classes!  They were a great way for him to hone his craft, have a fun break from his academics, and meet peers with similar interests.  Ms. Wise's Advanced Photography class and Photography [Club] provide an environment of creativity, self-expression, growth, and essential technical instructions which motivates [student] to take more meaningful pictures than he normally would on his own.  What I, as a parent, love the most is how Ms. Wise provides a safe venue for budding photographers to learn and share their gifts and passions.  She's a wonderful teacher and mentor, and we love her and her classes!"
Jess Woods

From a parent: "I'm writing to let you know how much my son is enjoying your class. Honestly, he's spending more time on it - because he likes it - than all his other subjects. Thank you for making it so much fun for him!"

From a parent: "[Student] continues to thoroughly enjoy your class, and it has been fun for us to see her grow in confidence as she commits some very intense thoughts to paper. Thank you for your encouragement."

From a parent: "American Lit at Excelsior is simply a must for high school students! The course features the best of the Am Lit classics:  a full palette of subject matter and historical eras, with exquisite authors like Poe, Hemingway, and Frost. Mrs. Woods is an experienced expert at leading her students into and through profound discussions about the literature, while also giving each individual student encouragement and feedback to improve analysis and core writing abilities. This course is a home-run and a beloved favorite of our homeschool family! "

From a student: "I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome teacher over the composition year. Thanks to your help and my success at debate nationals, I’ve been offered some work writing cases and articles for debate sourcebooks this next year! This is extra special because typically they only offer this chance to really successful alumni and coaches, and I haven’t even graduated yet! You’ve done a lot for my writing skills, and it is much appreciated."

From a student: "Thank you so much for class! If I could send you a great big hug I would! It was an amazing experience: writing all sorts of different things is a skill I will never regret learning. You are an amazing teacher. I always enjoyed logging into class in the morning, and I loved everything about this class!"

From a student: "This is the best class I've ever been in. It's so different."