Wondering which Excelsior Foreign Language to learn in high school? Try all of them first!

Designed for 6-8th graders, Excelsior offers a one-semester, mucho fun Foreign Language Sampler course, teaching the basics of German, French, and Spanish by our native and near-native speakers. The alphabet, a Bible verse, numbers, and colors will be taught, as well as basic greetings and expressions. We will include something unique to each target language as well. To spice things up, interesting bits of culture with music and videos will be added!

Foreign Language Sampler Course

Did someone say… spices???

As a bonus, we’re adding the pièce de résistance: our very own multi-award-winning Chef Jennifer Pasos! Both a culinary and pastry chef, Chef Pasos will take students on a delightfully delicious journey, sampling the cuisine of Spanish-, French-, and German-speaking cultures. Students will learn all about the importance of each ingredient and even the history of spices―now common to us―that come from far away lands!

Foreign Language Sampler Course

Foreign Language Sampler Course

Will students get to cook as well? ¡Klaro!  

Students will choose one of the items Chef Pasos discusses in class and prepare entrées or desserts after researching authentic recipes. (Parents can assist if the student does not have experience preparing food.)

What to look for when choosing an online foreign language program… when the time comes to decide!

Foreign Language Sampler CourseAt Excelsior, we foreign language instructors are consistent in our approach to teaching, focusing on the four major areas of language study: reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension. These are all important and necessary for mastery! In our foreign language courses, students speak in every class with their instructor and each other. We use a variety of multimedia resources during class and for homework assignments.

There is no extra expense for textbooks!

Our instructors have created joint lesson plans for this course and no other cost is involved for families. The Foreign Language Sampler class meets Mondays at 11:00am ET for Fall Semester only. Get more details on our Excelsior Classes website here. Space is limited, so register today! Auf geht’s!


Frau Susan Gleason

Instructor, Club & Trip Leader

German I-III, German Club, Educational Mission Trips

Susan Gleason has taught German online since 2011 and has an extensive background in foreign languages. Traveling internationally since she was eight, her travels include Western Europe, Scandinavia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, South and Central Americas, and South Africa. In 1985, while a college student, Susan led a Bible-smuggling operation into Soviet-controlled Estonia. She studied German at UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated in 1986. She lived in Germany from 1986-1991, experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall, and had daring adventures outwitting East Berlin border guards. Susan did post-graduate studies in Germanistik at Universität Würzburg, Universität Bonn, and FAS Germersheim. She worked as an interpreter at the international trade fairs in Cologne, as well as a translator and private tutor.

Known as her students’ beloved “Frau Meany Pants,” Susan teaches with enthusiasm, humor, and threatens students with her “legion of fire ants.” She also leads the popular educational mission trip to Germany in summer and has trips in the works to other European countries.