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Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

Epsilon Kappa Epsilon

English Club & Honor Society
Jess Woods, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Epsilon Kappa Iota

Spanish Club & Honor Society
Martha Phillips, Faculty Sponsor

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

Epsilon Kappa Sigma

Science Club & Honor Society
Amanda Hunter, Faculty Sponsor


  • Current enrollment as a student with Excelsior Classes
  • Previous enrollment in the past two (or three years) with Excelsior Classes in the subject for at least two full-year courses (or four semester equivalent) at the high school level (see list below for accepted courses) 
  • Final grades of an A in the previous courses
  • Current enrollment in the subject area at the high school level (two more semesters) OR upper classmen should have taken a minimum of six semesters worth of approved courses at the high school level with Excelsior Classes (see approved classes below)


  • Fill out this application – Application closes September 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM ET.
  • Receive approval (Excelsior Classes will check your previous grades and contact your previous teacher who will be asked to recommend your membership)
  • Pay membership fees for each club ($90 first year inductees; $70 returning members)
  • Join and participate in the honor society community


  • Acknowledgement of your hard work at a virtual Induction Ceremony/Reception hosted by the sponsor (inductee)
  • A certificate of membership (inductee)
  • An honor society t-shirt (inductee)
  • Quarterly meetings/events of interest to you with your sponsor! (all members)
  • Leadership opportunities (all members)
  • Honor cords for graduating seniors 
  • Returning members join for the discounted rate of $70

Accepted Courses from Excelsior Classes


English I, English II, English III, English IV, Foundations of Composition, Research Writing, Advanced Composition A and/or B, Creative Writing, Write Your Novel, Women Who Wrote the World, Grammar & Composition Workshop, Justice for All, Film Adaptation, Speech, Podcasting, and Screenwriting


Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Space, Environmental Science, Intro to Technology & Engineering, Aviation Science (or previously offered Excelsior Classes science classes)

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