David Mills


David Mills is a church planter and educator in Havelock, NC. He has worked in both these roles for 22 years in various churches and schools across the state of North Carolina. His diverse interests and background give him a unique ministry. The son of a pastor, David grew up in the church, but had his eyes on the stars. His childhood dream was to become an aerospace engineer and work for NASA. Well on his way to achieving that goal, David began attending his dream school, North Carolina State University, as an aerospace engineering major, but God had other plans.  David transferred to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he received his Bachelor of Music Education Degree and met his wife, Ellen.

For years pastoring remained David’s only vocation, and during those years he continued his education ultimately earning his MA in Christian Studies from Luther Rice Seminary in 2014. David has also served as a music teacher and choral teacher as well as a coach for basketball and track. He even coaches softball for his daughters’ rec league teams. David currently holds a North Carolina Teaching Certification for STEM and teaches various science and technology courses. He now brings his unique ministry to Excelsior, where his daughters still enjoy taking classes each year.


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