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“Bonjour! Ici on parle français!” Gina Duss brings her love for everything French: the language, the culture, the country, and the people, right into the classroom! During her college years, she was blessed to study abroad in Tours, France and the rest is history! A native of Georgia, Gina attended the University of Georgia, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in French Education. As she is a life-long learner of French, she also furthered her studies at the renowned Middlebury College’s French immersion program. She has taught in various capacities over the years from elementary to high school and is thrilled to be able to connect with students from all over the world through online learning! Gina, her husband Greg, and their 3 children currently reside in Florida. When she’s not “parlant français” in the classroom, she enjoys riding bikes and spending time with the family, including the very important furry family members!

Blog Posts By Gina Duss

Is French Just for France?

I believe that French is a very useful language and obviously très cool, but what if you don't plan on going to France? Is learning French still practical? Of course it is! But, I would say that because I'm a French teacher, right? Well, I decided to test my theory...

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Love for Gina Duss

"[Student] is loving your class. She told me she finds herself responding to people 'in French' in her brain. I can’t wait until she actually does this!  LOL. Thank you for making French class so enjoyable for her."

A Parent 

I loved being in your French 2 class. As I continue on my French journey, I keep referring to my notes from your class. It's remained to be one of my favorite classes that I've taken :). You're an amazing teacher. Thank you for encouraging me and helping me.

A Student 

You rock and are doing an incredible job! We really appreciate all the extra time and effort you are putting into this.  We are blessed to have all three of our children learning from you!

A Parent 

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all your patience…I've watched some of the recordings, and I notice that your kindness builds the students up and makes them more likely to WANT to participate. [Student name] is enjoying the class.

A Parent 

I love learning French, and I think Mme Duss loves teaching it. She always seems excited to be in class. Mme Duss is really friendly and is very quick to help when I have a problem. I love the learning games we play in class, and I always understand when she explains things.

A Student 

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