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Lisa Roark is passionate about helping students understand themselves in order to reach their God-given potential. She graduated from Tarleton State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Science Education and in 2001 completed her Master of Education Degree in Counseling. Shortly after graduation, Lisa became a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her initial teaching experience was acquired within the public school before becoming a school career and college guidance counselor and opening a private counseling practice focusing on child and family counseling. Upon the birth of her children, Lisa continued using her teaching skills in the education of her own children and in small classroom settings in the homeschool community.

Lisa is a creative teacher who works to bring joy into the classroom and to motivate students to achieve success. She enjoys utilizing her knowledge and skills to create an environment where students are challenged, encouraged, and motivated to strive for excellence. Her experience in the counseling and psychology field has not only provided her with content-area proficiency, but it has also given her experience in working with people of different aptitudes and skill sets.

Integrating a biblical worldview into all facets of her interaction with students is something Lisa finds extremely important. She believes each student and family is uniquely created by God and, therefore, designed to follow a pathway that is uniquely theirs. She works hard to encourage students and families that are evaluating educational goals and achievements to consider this uniqueness as the gift it truly is.

Lisa lives on a ranch in Southwest Texas near the Texas-Mexico border with her husband and their two teenage sons. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping. Reading, traveling with her family, and taking her sons to competitive sporting clay shoots throughout the United States are also things she enjoys.

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Blog Posts by Lisa Roark
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4 Ways to Help Your Student Select a Career Pathway

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Love For Lisa Roark

This (Career Exploration) course has been a very positive experience for my son...He is exploring some careers he never thought of, and he is very happy with the results each time. This is a wonderful class.

A Parent 

...thank you so much for a wonderful semester! I’m sad it’s almost over. 🙁 I really enjoyed the class!! The content of the class has been so relevant to everyday life. I think that is so cool! ...I’ve absolutely loved having you as a teacher.

A Student 

I loved being able to learn about psychology in a Christian environment and everyone was very encouraging.

A Student 

I really really loved [Psychology]. Mrs. Roark was so sweet and really cared about us students. She took so much extra time to make the course the best it could be. She also left very valuable and kind comments on my assignments that I turned in. Thank you for the wonderful tips, Mrs. Roark! 😀

A Student 

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