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Sarah Lehtinen has always found the French language to be a faithful friend, and she hopes that her students will feel the same way! She has degrees in French and economics from Sweet Briar College and studied at La Sorbonne in Paris. After schooling, she began her career as a foreign language educator, first in public school, and later in online education for homeschoolers. She loves working with students, building their confidence, and seeing them improve each class.

Beyond teaching, Sarah loves building her life in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. She does yoga daily and frequents local coffee shops often. She also has several certifications in health and fitness, which she hopes to continue to employ. Additionally, she and her husband enjoy trying new restaurants, cooking together, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with friends.

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A Journey to Self-Discovery: “La Huitième Planète”

A Journey to Self-Discovery: “La Huitième Planète”

This year, Excelsior Classes piloted a French IV class for students who wanted to take the next step in language learning. The focus of French IV is written and spoken fluency rather than just grammatical fluency. Over the course of the year, we read two introductory...

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Love for Sarah Lehtinen

This class was awesome! I learned so much, and got much more comfortable speaking and writing the language...You really challenged me to overcome my fear of speaking French (even though that was the point of French class), and your writing questions helped me understand the language in real terms, not in just the format of the exercises in the workbook. Thank you so much for a great year!

A Student 

...I enjoyed the interaction with classmates and the activities we did together.  It was a great year and my favorite class! The best part in my opinion was presenting the writing assignments in class.  It really helped me target areas I needed to work on with my speech and pronunciation. I learned so much...and you were a great teacher.

A Student 

...I have a greater enthusiasm and understanding for the French language including the grammar points and sentence formation. These were tricky for me to learn, but memorization, along with your instruction and some of the resources in the textbook, particularly the notes feature, have aided in my studies. I also liked learning more about the culture and French history every two-to-three weeks when we had the quizzes...I really can’t say anything negative about French III with Excelsior Classes and I can’t wait to see you in French IV!!

A Student 

Thank you for all the ways you encouraged me this year. Your class is part of the reason that I've decided to become a French major!

A Student 

Thank you for making our classes so interesting. I never thought that I would enjoy learning about grammar, but your lessons made it fun. You are so energetic, and I always enjoyed coming to class!

A Student 

Thank you for always communicating so well with us! Our daughter loves your class and can't wait to continue with you!

A Parent 

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