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Advanced Biology

This course prepares students for the more in-depth study of biology they will experience in a college class. We use a college textbook and students who do well in Advanced Biology should be successful on the AP Biology exam, the SAT II Subject or the CLEP exam. The responsibility to prepare, schedule and complete these standardized tests rests solely with the student.

Advanced Biology is also an exciting course that introduces students to cutting-edge knowledge in molecular and genetic biology as well as other current topics in the field of biology. Most importantly, while the scope of the course correlates to the typical college course with its emphasis on evolution; our students compare the evolutionary perspective to current research and theory in the areas of Creation and Intelligent Design science. This will prepare any student, not only science majors, to thrive in a college Biology course without undermining their faith.

Course description and class content developed by Janell Webb for exclusive use with Excelsior Classes.

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We will be using an OpenStax textbook that can be downloaded or viewed online. Students will need a composition notebook for lab work.

A $40.00 lab fee will need to be purchased in order to complete lab activities; this is billed by the teacher and is due by August 1st. More information will be provided in the summer to registered students.

Janell Webb is fascinated by the interconnectedness of life and loves the details of science from the molecular to the environmental. She is passionate about showing her students that even small changes at one level can have big consequences at another!

Janell is a life-long learner who has been teaching for 16 years, ten of those years in an international Christian school in Indonesia. Teaching science in a tropical rainforest was an experience beyond her wildest dreams, and she loved taking her students outside to investigate the flora and fauna of the area! Janell holds an Indiana teaching license in Health Education and Biology but has had the opportunity to teach students in many subjects at many levels.

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