Battles That Changed the World



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Battles that Changed the World: The Genius of Destruction

Sometimes the crisis of human conflict leads to the rise of human genius. The destruction of people, places and things leads to changes that ripple thru time. We will examine 14 battles that demonstrate social change via human self-destruction. We will look at the cause, the geography, the unexpected tactics, and the rippling effects.

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Bill Hickey

Bill Hickey has a lifelong curiosity surrounding history. Bill loves to travel to historical sites across America, from Custer’s last stand to traveling the Lewis and Clark route, from Bunker (or Breed’s Hill) to The Alamo, from Constitutional Hall to petroglyphs on Hopi land. Bill's teaching experience encompasses teaching in schools of twelve hundred students, a charter school of seventy, and a girl’s private boarding school of forty. Along the way he was voted his community’s “Pride Teacher of the Year” as well as “Student Choice Teacher of the Year.”

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