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Career Development: Exploration and Ideas

This course is designed to help students explore career pathways and evaluate career fields as they relate to the student’s skills, interests and aptitudes. Students will work toward identifying talents and occupational interests through the use of self-assessments. Emphasis will be placed on the biblical view of work and discovering how God has equipped each individual to follow their career direction and fulfill their calling.

Students will utilize an exclusively-licensed online product as part of their career exploration. To receive a brochure on the online product, please contact the teacher by emailing (See Required Supplies below.)

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A $40.00 subscription for a career exploration platform will need to be purchased by each student in order to complete some activities and is due by August 1st. More information will be provided by the teacher.

Professionalism- Skills for Workplace Success (4th edition) by Lydia E Anderson and Sandra B Bolt, ISBN-13: 978-0133868944, ISBN-10: 013386894X

Lisa Roark is passionate about helping students understand themselves in order to reach their God-given potential. Lisa is a creative teacher who works to bring joy into the classroom and to motivate students to achieve success. She enjoys utilizing her knowledge and skills to create an environment where students are challenged, encouraged, and motivated to strive for excellence. Her experience in the counseling and psychology field has not only provided her with content-area proficiency, but it has also given her experience in working with people of different aptitudes and skill sets.

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