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Creative Writing

Creative Writing explores four traditional genres of writing: Poetry, Short Story, Creative Non-Fiction, and Playwriting. In addition, we will learn about a more modern form of creative expression: Blogging. We will begin the semester by covering the creation and community of a blog, and each student will create, add content, and maintain a blog that is a unique expression of who they are. These blogs will be published in Haiku only and will be visible only by fellow classmates and the teacher. Our poetry unit will examine the elements and music of poetry as well as explore various forms of poetry: sonnet, villanelle, limerick, and haiku. During our short story and creative non-fiction units, we will delve into characterization, dialogue, setting, point of view, description, and the discussion of classic short stories. Students will also learn the fundamentals and techniques of writing a script for a short, one Act play. Due to the workshop nature of this class, a working microphone is required.

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Jess Woods currently resides in upstate New York with her husband and three children. Though she spent her childhood and adolescence in Georgia, Jess has lived in eight different states and has a fondness for traveling and experiencing different regions, as each one has taught her something about herself and about community. Jess enjoys reading, writing, and all things music (ok, most things music). Teaching is the perfect career for her since she loves being able to experience an appreciation for words and story come alive within other people.

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