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Focus on Art History – Ind. Study

In this customizable independent study course, students will explore the engrossing topic of art history with a focus on a time period or theme of their choosing.  This course is an enriching study for both the artistic student, and the non-artist.  At the beginning of the semester, student and family are invited to meet with the instructor to discuss areas of interest and together determine what types of assignments (paper, projects, artwork, etc.) will best fit the student’s learning goals and learning style.  It will be strongly recommended for students to purchase “The Story of Art” by E.M. Gombrich or another similar art history book to uses a point of reference during the duration of our studies.

Students will choose a specific topic(s) to investigate and will complete 3 major projects/papers/etc.  Additionally, students will be expected to visit at least one art museum or gallery during the semester and evaluate or report on that experience. Topics may focus more on the visual and historical aspects of art history such as a certain time frame, artist, event, style, theme, etc., or students may choose to examine the interaction of art and culture exploring areas of mutual influence such as theology, warfare, wealth, music, politics, protest, technology, etc, as they relate to the art of their chosen time period.


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Julie Rohr has taught for the past 20+ years in many areas of art and culture.  She knows there is more to enjoy in great art than just “The Last Supper.”  Ms. Rohr has personally developed a series of Art History courses that delights and engages students.  Her drawing classes have seen participants grow in leaps and bounds!

Both parents and students praise Julie Rohr as having a knack for presenting material in a way that makes it interesting to understand and absorb.  She is known for her enthusiasm and insight into the arts.  More than once, she has been proclaimed as “my favorite teacher.”


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