Forms of Composition – Ind. Study



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Forms of Composition – Ind. Study

This Independent Study opportunity allows students to choose three to four types of composition to submit to the instructor for feedback; the papers submitted should be final drafts and should be 3-5 pages in length. Students may choose any combination of the following: narrative (personal, focusing in on a singular, influential event), expository (descriptive, process, comparison, cause and effect), and/or argumentative/ persuasive. At least one of the papers must include the use of outside sources (research-based). All papers should adhere to MLA formatting. The instructor will provide a handout on MLA formatting before the semester begins. A writing rubric will also be given to students. Additionally, students will meet with the instructor before each writing assignment begins, and the instructor will provide guidance concerning: writing tips, reading to understand the purpose of each type of writing or to understand MLA format, etc.


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Jess Woods currently resides in upstate New York with her husband and three children. Though she spent her childhood and adolescence in Georgia, Jess has lived in eight different states and has a fondness for traveling and experiencing different regions, as each one has taught her something about herself and about community. Jess enjoys reading, writing, and all things music (ok, most things music). Teaching is the perfect career for her since she loves being able to experience an appreciation for words and story come alive within other people.

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