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German II

In this college prep German II course, students will increase their knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar. Topics will include the genitive case, additional commands, narrative past and future tense verbs, adjective endings, coordinating conjunctions, German Bible verses, the Lord’s Prayer and more. The teacher will speak more German in this class, commensurate with students’ abilities. In this challenging, but fun class, students will read longer paragraphs in German (on a variety of topics) and participate in dialogs with their classmates and the teacher. More grammar will be covered. Occasionally, there will be special guests; native speakers from Germany! Receiving rigorous, individualized attention during class for pronunciation and grammar proficiency, students will speak German in every class with the instructor and with each other. Classes will feature famous German-speaking composers and their works, ERF Christian TV/radio, Sermonettes, Bayern 5 and interesting videos. Students will reach the advanced level by the end of the school year and can take German III.

Placement test and answer key for German II are here.

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Textbook: Deutsch Aktuell 2 (5th Ed) by Wolfgang Kraft, ISBN: 9780821925607

Deutsch Aktuell 2 Workbook (5th Ed) by Wolfgang Kraft, ISBN: 9780821925638.

Students will have access to audio listening exercises for each textbook chapter at no cost.

Since 2011, Susan Gleason has taught German online. She has an extensive background in foreign languages.

Traveling internationally since she was eight years old, her travels include Europe, Scandinavia, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, South and Central Americas, and South Africa. Susan studied German in college and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1986. In 1985, while still a college student, Susan led a Bible-smuggling operation into Soviet-controlled Estonia. She lived in Germany from 1986-1991, experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall, and had some daring adventures outwitting East Berlin border guards. Susan did post-graduate studies at Universität Würzburg, Universität Bonn, and FAS Germersheim. She worked as an interpreter at the international trade fairs in Cologne, as well as a translator and private tutor.

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