Intro to Philosophy & Worldview: Current Events Focus



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Intro to Philosophy & Worldview: Current Events Focus

“How can you consider yourself a thinking person with that point of view?” This question was posed to Mr. Mills in a philosophy class just prior to his senior year of high school. He explains, “I was stumped. I knew what I believed, I just didn’t know why. The teacher had pushed me beyond what I was prepared to defend.”

In this course, students will study great men and women of history and how their worldview shaped the direction of nations. Students will also study current events, and be challenged to not only develop their own worldview, but also be taught how to understand why they’ve adopted that view and to defend it. They will be challenged to think beyond the headlines and consider the ramifications of their beliefs when applied to both existing and theoretical experiences.

While this class is taught from a Christian perspective, students will be introduced to many viewpoints, and allowed to discuss, freely and safely, their ideas. A standard framework for this course is in place, however, please be aware that as national and world events unfold, the content of the course may vary. The core topics discussed should remain mostly the same, but the events discussed to apply the views may change.

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Primary Text:

What Does It All Mean, ISBN 10: 0195052161

Supplemental Texts:

Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message, ISBN: 0849943272

The American Revolution: A Concise History, ISBN: 0195312953

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David Mills is a pastor, teacher, husband, father, and coach. He has a passion for seeing people grow through learning. His education career began in 1998, and he joined Excelsior in 2020. He has a wide range of interests from music, to Bible, to science, technology, and sports. These are reflected in his course offerings here at Excelsior.

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