Science Fiction – FALL

Instructor: Marilyn Whitlock
Instructor Email:
# of Live Meetings: 3
# of Papers/Projects: 1 to 3
Time Offered: N/A
Age: 9th/10th Grade or up
Min/Max#: N/A
Prerequisites: Students should have a passionate interest in some facet or facets of science fiction and the ability to pursue research on their own (at their local libraries, possibly including nearby college libraries, and online).
Homework Load: Normal
Suggested Credit: .5
Tuition: $350


Do you find speculative literature fascinating? Do you enjoy tales of alien encounters, of apocalypses or dystopias, of artificial intelligence, of alternative histories or universes, of time travel, or of virtual reality? Yes, you can get high school credit for studying quality examples of any of these kinds of narratives. And you can choose those you find most appealing, completing reading and writing assignments, within guidelines, on your own time schedule. Over the course of a semester, you will complete either three compositions of two to four pages, one long composition of eight to ten pages, or a project that combines literary analysis with science research related to the literature being read. The teacher will provide feedback on both rough and final drafts. Assignments must be completed on a schedule with the work not to extend beyond the semester, but the teacher and student can collaborate in setting exact due dates. Independent study works well for students with a strong interest they wish to pursue, for students who desire flexibility in completing assignments, or for those who want the experience of completing a multi-disciplinary project.