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The Bible & Science

How can you consider yourself a thinking person and believe the Bible is true? This question, and others like it, have haunted students for decades. The other side of that question is equally fear-inducing: can a scientist be a Christian?

Students in this class will explore tough issues such as these head-on, in community together, through collaborative learning and discussion. Topics such as creation/evolution, worldwide flood, archaeology, miracles, and much more will be discussed in a way that provides all sides of each argument. This class will offer more than just facts and theories. Students will also learn to form a solid foundation for their world view and how to articulate it.

While taught from a Christian point of view, this class is a safe environment for students to face tough questions, debate ideas, and form a basis for their beliefs without being indoctrinated toward one belief system. Feel free to email the teacher with any questions!

This course is part of our Bridge Builder series. The goal for this series is simple: to help students cultivate the capacity to show compassion, grow in empathy, share love with all people, and ultimately collaborate with others to provide solutions to problems in an increasingly complex world.  While this is not the case in most of our classes, the courses in this series require live attendance with video and audio capability to aid in discussion.

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Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science, ISBN: 0310492173

Can Science Explain Everything?, ISBN: 1784984116

Finding God In Science: The Extraordinary Evidence For The Soul And Christianity, A Rocket Scientist’s Gripping Odyssey – Non-Illustrated, ISBN: 0997369035

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David Mills is a pastor, teacher, husband, father, and coach. He has a passion for seeing people grow through learning. His education career began in 1998, and he joined Excelsior in 2020. He has a wide range of interests from music, to Bible, to science, technology, and sports. These are reflected in his course offerings here at Excelsior.

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