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Young Learner Math: Masterminds B

Math Masterminds B will follow along the same path as our Fall class. Please note that completion of Math Masterminds A is not required for Math Masterminds B.

The two classes can be taken independently. Each day in the real world we encounter situations that require quick calculations in our heads. We tip servers, calculate sale prices, convert measurements when baking, keep track of our favorite athlete’s statistics. With a strong sense of mental math, these calculations can be done quickly in your head. Research shows that students with a strong mental math foundation have better conceptual understanding, exhibit a better memory, and score higher on tests. While it is never too late to improve mental math scores, studies suggest that the prime time to develop a strong mental math foundation is between the ages of 5 to 10 years old.

This class will present a focused goal of developing our mental math muscles. While Part A focuses on mental calculations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, Part B will develop a firm grasp on decimals and fractions. We will explore ways to quickly calculate decimals and fractions within the four basic operations of math. This is not a class on memorization of facts. Rather, students will understand the why behind the four operations in order to improve their mental math skills. We will interact with real-life situations to constantly improve our skill at mental calculations. This is a highly interactive class. Students should have a working microphone. Homework for this class will be daily 20 minute exercises.

Please note: this class is not a full curriculum. It is a wonderful supplement to increase mathematical, logic, and critical thinking and to make math easier in the long run.

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Speed Math for Kids by Bill Handley ISBN: 978-0-7879-8863-0

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Susan Spraker believes that each person has unlimited capacity to learn in their own unique way. It is her passion to lead students toward their own learning style in order for each to grow, to find their calling, and to excel. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with certification in K-8th grade. She has experience in various private and public elementary school environments. For the past eight years, her main role has been homeschool teacher for her children.

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