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Gabriella Hunter

Gabriella Hunter is an eighth grader who is very excited to work with The Beacon staff for the second year. She lives in a small town in central Illinois. Her family consists of her mom, dad, sister, two dogs, a cat, and frogs. She enjoys art, animals, writing, going outside, biking, soccer, reading, and anything to do with music. Her favorite books include “Harry Potter,” “The Heroes of Olympus,” and Christian fiction romance books. She loves all sorts of music, but especially modern pop. She also enjoys playing trumpet and piano. Her favorite animals are definitely dogs, but she loves many exotic animals too like pandas, tigers, dolphins, and penguins. She has played soccer for nine years – almost ten. She incorporates soccer by being a ref for younger children too. Gabriella loves playing with all the kids at her church and enjoys babysitting. She also always wants to learn more about God and his plan for her. Writing has always been a love for her and she hopes to grow her interest and knowledge towards the subject more by participating in The Beacon for the second time.