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Are there payment plans available?

The consortium has split the tuition payment into a non-refundable deposit of 30% due at time of purchase, and then a second payment billed by and due to the indivudal teacher(s) in August 10, 2024 for fall and full-year courses or January 1, 2025 for spring courses. We open registration in February each year for the next school year, far in advance of classes starting, in order to help with financial planning.

Unfortunately, teachers are not allowed to accept payment plans under consortium practices.


Excelsior Classes takes financial matters seriously. We realize that all are called to be good stewards of finances, and our promise is to treat your commitment to Excelsior Classes’ services with the respect it deserves.

For this reason, we typically do not offer deep discounts. Our experience has been that deeply discounted classes do not produce long-term sustainability for families or for teachers.

Overseas missionaries (living overseas 100% of the time and with a sponsoring organization) and active duty military personnel may write to for a discount code. The code must be applied before registration in order to receive the discount.

do you accept charter school or state scholarship funds?

Because Excelsior Classes is set up as a consortium and is governed by certain legal agreements among teachers, we are unable to accept financial arrangements requiring payment from government funded agencies. Parents are free to purchase our courses as outlined on our How to Register page and then use the receipts provided by Excelsior Classes and teachers to recoup funds as allowed by their state programs. Supporting documentation is limited to invoices, receipts, proof of degree, and syllabus. Teachers do not send personal information such as SSN cards/numbers, marriage or drivers licenses. Parents should review the teacher’s bio page and ask for any clarification or credentialing information needed prior to purchase. If you need assistance in this area, please write to

Charter schools wishing to purchase on behalf of families may write to for further instructions.

How Do I Change Classes?

It is possible to change a course registration for a full-price course (no discount coupon code used) prior to the start of the class.

The deposit is transferable to a different course deposit within the same family for the current school year only.

  • Deposits may not be transferred to a teacher for payment of tuition. 
  • Deposits are not held school year to school year.
  • Courses purchased using a discount coupon code are non-transferable. A payment for the tuition difference plus a processing charge ($20) must be paid in order to switch to a different course.

To make a change, simply write to with your student’s name and the names of the courses you wish to drop and/or add.

After classes start, course movement is limited. Please write to

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