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Why Choose Excelsior Classes?

Online Homeschooling

Our comprehensive online Christian homeschool program empowers families to provide their students with a solid, college preparatory education.

Quality Instructors

Our passionate educators are dedicated to delivering the highest quality online homeschool courses. We’re high-tech and high-touch!

Accredited & Approved

Our classes are accredited by ACS-WASC, so you can be assured of quality content and delivery. Additionally, our core classes are approved by the NCAA to better serve student athletes.

Christian Values

Our teachers are practicing Christians who are called to teach. It’s their vocation! Our ecumenical group of teachers loves to minister to students.

#1 Best Teacher-Led ONLINE Christian Homeschool Program by VeryWell Family

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About Us

Excelsior Classes consists of devoted Christian educators who strive for excellence in  online homeschool programs for students.

Our Classes

Our homeschool courses are led by teachers who are passionate subject masters. These courses are college-prep, yet engaging and fun!

How It Works

Students meet weekly for live, online classes and use a learning management system to submit work and interact with the teacher and others.


christian online homeschool classes


What Parents and Students Say

We have been so pleased with Excelsior. Impressive classes and very talented teachers.

A Parent 

I really love Excelsior classes! The teachers are very knowledgeable and very dedicated to their students. Excelsior has great customer service! Overall, these are my favorite online classes that my children take.

A Parent 

I'm writing to let you know how much my son is enjoying your class. Honestly, he's spending more time on it - because he likes it - than all his other subjects. Thank you for making it so much fun for him!

A Parent 

I'm a novelist as well, and you've really broadened my whole story-making landscape (and I've been writing stories since I could put pen to paper) in the past semester and I'm really glad to have taken this class.

A Screen Writing Student 

At least for our family, you have taken a subject that is not my favorite (I'm a writing teacher) and made it interesting for my daughter. She is a student who has never really enjoyed science, yet just yesterday informed me she loves chemistry.

A Parent 

Mrs. Cutler loved her students! This fact, along with her love and knowledge of literature and the English language, were her strengths. She held the bar high in this class, but I am one who appreciates this. My daughter was challenged, but inspired to reach for great heights by Mrs. Cutler. Through much work and perseverance, my daughter proved to herself that she could jump over that bar. Thank you, Mrs. Cutler, it was an amazing class this year.

A Student 

The Excelsior Difference

Commitment to Excellence

Our name, which means “Ever Upward,” says it all. We believe in delivering only the best online homeschooling courses. We strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do.


Our teachers provide a measure of accountability for homeschooling students in a college preparatory setting. Our classes are carefully curated to scaffold learning and build skills and capability incrementally.


Our culture is marked by enthusiasm, positivity, and excitement! It’s a palpable difference! We are deliberate about treating everyone with respect and expecting the same from students.

Frequently Asked Questions

We run to a traditional school schedule with a fall and spring semester. You can find our Academic Calendar here.
The vast majority of our courses run to a traditional school schedule (fall/spring semesters) with a live intructor. We do offer one course in a self-paced format: Self Paced Chemistry.  We also have a limited number of spaces in our Independent Studies.
Courses are sold a la carte (individually). Precise tuition information can be found on the individual course pages. An overview of tuition and fees may be found here.
We like to say that our courses are couched in a Christian worldview. Anyone may take courses with Excelsior Classes!

All teachers must sign a statement of faith regarding affirmation of the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed among other things, but students and parents are not required to do so. You can learn more about our story and our vision here.

If you are concerned about the religious content of classes, you should know that many teachers do pray with their students at the beginning of class and that the courses are unapologetically couched in a Christian worldview. Some courses use textbooks or materials from Christian content providers, but most  courses do not. Classes are taught from a broad (i.e., non-denominational) Christian perspective. Students are never asked to pray aloud, and they are never singled out for religious questions.

All teachers share core beliefs,  and we believe that all people groups, in history and present times, are worthy of our respect. Teachers teach from a biblical and academic perspective while treating all with courtesy. We expect students to extend the same respect to the teacher and to others. 

If you have specific questions about a particular teacher or class, please feel free to contact the teacher directly or write to

Parents are ultimately responsible for determining if courses are a good fit for their family, but we want to help you in your determination by forthrightly answering any questions you have. No refunds are provided for objections to course content or course delivery of said content.

Details on our refund policy, course changes, and course minimums may be found here.
Excelsior Classes has many features of a typical school: traditional schedule, dedicated teachers, testing, grades, and community.

Unlike a typical school, parents are responsible for final placement of students in courses and purchase courses a la carte (as many or as few as desired). For this reason and due to our accreditation status, Excelsior Classes does not provide transcripts but instead issues final grade verification to be used by families as proof of progress/results.

Excelsior Classes is a Supplementary Education Center/Program: Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

As a Supplementary Education Provider, an SEP, Excelsior Classes provides a final grade PDF for each course completed. This serves as proof of your student’s grade and achievement in the course. By noting on your transcript that the course was taken with an accredited provider, you have verification that your student’s grades are legitimate and official for your own complete transcript.

Per the accreditation guidelines for ACS WASC SEPs, Excelsior Classes is not allowed to provide a transcript; we can only provide verification of course completion. We do have a partnership with an outside vendor who can provide transcript services for you. Contact for more information. 

Since Excelsior Classes is not a degree/diploma granting institution, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the target or intended school or entity will accept your verification. Excelsior Classes cannot guarantee acceptance by any particular program.

Get Started with Excelsior Classes


Step 1: Create an account

  • Create an account by visiting the New Member Sign-Up Page.
  • Complete the membership details.
  • Finalize your information and purchase membership.

Step 2: Purchase Classes

  • Browse and sign up for courses by visiting the Course Catalog. Our Course Planning page provides an overview for how to plan your classes.
  • Enter student information, including their name and personal email.
  • Finalize your purchase and checkout using any major credit card or PayPal. You will only be charged 30% of the tuition price to hold the seat for your student. Class registration deposits are non-refundable. The remainder of the tuition will be billed by the teacher(s) as detailed here. Refund and change policies are explained further here.
  • Repeat this process for each student you wish to register.

Benefits of joining our community

Why Join Excelsior Classes?

We believe the right teacher can make ALL the difference in online homeschooling.

To that end, Excelsior Classes provides live and online courses featuring:

  • Subject Matter Experts Providing Solid, Timely Instruction
  • External Accountability through Consistent Grading and Feedback
  • Built-in Community of Peer Learners
  • A “Traditional” School Calendar
  • Rigor without Busy-Work
  • Teachers Who Care About Academics and Spiritual & Mental Health
  • Supportive, “Ever Upward” Culture
  • Christian Chapel Time
  • Monthly Social Events

This is Christian online homeschooling at its best!

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