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Do you wish that your student might have a private tutoring situation for certain classes or subject areas? Has life thrown you a curve ball, and you need a solution quickly for certain subjects? Has your student been displaced from another learning environment, and you need to fill in? Perhaps your student is heavily involved with sports, theater, music, ministry, or travel, and a regular class schedule is not a workable solution. Or do you have a student who is ready for a larger challenge with a subject matter expert?

All of these are great reasons and situations for a tailored and customized learning experience. Our Independent Study offerings are a great solution for those situations and more.

college prep homeschool classes


These programs offer either (a) a customizable option or (b) special topics of study that are sure to please your student. There are many areas of investigation that are outside of the traditional class scope and sequence. Teachers will help you and your student design a course of study with a set number of live interactions as well as continuous email support to help your student achieve the learning outcomes desired.

college prep homeschool classes

Appropriately Rigorous

Since the independent study is not a group setting, teachers are able to fit the outcomes and evaluation to your specific student. This is perfect for students who may not perform exactly on grade level: both for those who are a bit behind the curve and for those who are ahead of it. All studies are worth approximately .5 credit for high school or junior high students.

college prep homeschool classes


If a regular class setting and schedule of weekly classes is not a good fit for your student in a particular season, then independent study is a helpful option. Although all work must be done and finished within the semester, the teacher will work with the family to set deadlines that will move the student forward at a good clip.

Additionally, if your student is not interested in the traditional book lists or topics, then you can expect more peaceful interactions around the subject matter. Teachers want these to be fun and exciting courses of study.


Independent study programs are designed by the teacher. Feel free to ask any of the teachers questions. Once you have selected and paid the deposit for the student, the teacher will work with the parent and student to develop the study. Please contact the teacher prior to registering to ensure that the teacher understands your ideas and needs and to make sure the study is a good fit for your student.

You may choose fall, spring, or flexible as the timeframe for the study. If you are joining mid-semester or want to do a study over the summer, select FLEXIBLE, and you will have five months in which to complete the study from the start date determined by you and the teacher.

Each class listing involves an articulated study plan, a set number of virtual meetings, email support, and grading and evaluation.

Don’t delay your registration as each teacher has a small, set number of spaces available for independent study each semester.


These offerings are best for students who are willing to commit to the deadlines and to completing the assignments on their own over time. Students work one-on-one with the teacher and must be willing to be accountable to the set deadlines and course of study. Once the st begins, there is no refund of fees, and the students cannot postpone to another school year.

Course Schedule 2019-2020

The independent studies in various subject areas are offered by teachers through Excelsior Classes. Each teacher has developed unique and proprietary course content that is only offered in this setting.  Your student will learn from experienced teachers who are masters in their subject area. See the FAQ for school calendar, technology requirements, and financial arrangements.

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