5th Grade Through Dual Credit

Our content-master teachers are excited about our class offerings. Your student will thrive in our decidedly Christian, rigorous, and engaging courses.

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Class Operations

Students attend a live class once per week (twice per week for math classes)  for a 15 week semester (30 weeks for full-year courses). We use Zoom for our live classroom experience. It is a highly interactive platform. If students cannot attend class in person, they are able to watch a recording of the class. Students turn in work to their teacher via the learning management system; all work is submitted electronically. We use Canvas for our LMS.

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Grading and Accountability

Teachers provide lecture and instruction as well as grading. Your student will receive timely feedback from someone with significant subject matter expertise. At the end of the course, teachers send a final grade verification as a PDF file. Parents can also print out the gradebook if desired. Many parents comment that being a coach and cheerleader for their student is a neat role to be in as opposed to the sole teacher and principal and mentor.

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Appropriately Rigorous

Our teachers have worked together to ensure that our course offerings  build skills sequentially and provide a well-rounded course of study for students seeking a normal class pace as well as those desiring a college-prep, academically challenging track.

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Christian Worldview

All Excelsior Classes teachers are practicing Christians who are called to teach. It’s their vocation! Classes are couched in a Christian worldview; teachers may pray with your student, and scripture references or biblical tenets are often included as part of the curricula or discussions. If your family is not Christian, your student will still feel warmly welcomed and included in the community! We have had students from many faith traditions, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.

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Engaging Instructors and Classes

Our live sessions are 70 minutes for late elementary or 90 minutes for junior and senior high students, but these meetings are not strictly lecture. With the technology we use, at times students can turn on their camera, use audio, and communicate through a chat function. Many teachers utilize polls, discussion questions, and break-out rooms to make the most of that live session.

The dynamic fun doesn’t end with the live class. Excelsior’s learning management system allows for many of the same interactive tools including polls, discussion boards, wiki-projects and more.

An engaged learner is one who will remember and will cultivate a wide body of knowledge.

Please see this statement on use of video in our live sessions.


Please visit the course catalog for class descriptions in:

  • The Arts & Graphic Design
  • Bible & Christian Life
  • Career & Life Skills
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Geography and History
  • Government and Economics
  • Math
  • Psychology and Human Sciences
  • Science

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