Our clubs are entertaining, interactive, and exciting! They come in a variety of topics, times, and prices. This is a great way to add novelty and a sense of community to your student’s homeschool experience.

Newspaper Club will open SY 2022-2023 registration in February; all other clubs will open registration later in the spring.

Monthly Clubs


Monthly clubs meet at least once per month during the school year. Most clubs accept registrations during the school year term; please check with the instructor.

Bi-monthly or Weekly Clubs


These clubs meet twice per month or once per week and are billed per session. These clubs accept registrations during the school year; please check with the instructor.

SPECIAL NOTE #1: There is no charge to reserve a space in a club although you must have paid your family registration fee. If you have already paid the registration fee, simply add the club purchase to the cart, and your teacher will be in touch soon. Club memberships are not purchased as a family; each student represents one club member. Excelsior Classes will bill you via PayPal for your club membership(s) prior to the club commencement. These fees are nominal.

Please see the FAQ for our Refund Policy in regard to clubs.

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