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Course Schedule 2018-2019

The classes in these various areas are offered by teachers through Excelsior Classes. Each teacher has developed unique and proprietary course content that is only offered in this setting.  Your student will learn from experienced teachers who are masters in their subject area. See the FAQ for school calendar, technology requirements, and financial arrangements. See this for a list of all classes, clubs, and independent studies. See this for a list of classes by day.

If you are searching for math classes, we highly recommend our math partner, High School Math Live. If you are searching for Bible classes, please check out the offerings of Armor of God.

Note: Anyone may view the course catalog, but parents must first create a family membership account in order to purchase classes. Parents need to purchase classes for one student at a time in the shopping cart; in other words, parents should not purchase for multiple students in one shopping cart session. This will allow the registrar to appropriately place your students in the correct classes. See How to Register for more details.