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High school biology is a fascinating journey that will aid students in understanding what life is and how it works.  Whether it is looking into the microscopic world of DNA or the vast array of animals and how they interact on this planet, students will appreciate the great design of God as the author and creator of all life.  Fall semester is dedicated to microbiology and includes topics such as characteristics of life, biomolecules, cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, DNA, protein synthesis, and cell reproduction.  Spring semester will focus more on macrobiology and includes topics of evolution and creation, classification of organisms, and study of the kingdoms of life including bacteria, protista, fungi, plants, and animals.

Students will participate in labs throughout the year to further their understanding of topics.  Labs will include some virtual online labs as well as some hands-on labs done at home.  Students will also learn how to write a lab report and will turn in several of these lab reports throughout the year.  Students will be tested over approximately 9 units over the year.  For each unit presented the fall semester, students will be given a note packet specifically for that unit.  Students will complete note packets by coming to class and filling in missing information in the notes as it is presented by the teacher.  This allows students to be able to see what information is most important to know and to then concentrate on what is being taught while filling in some notes. This not only relieves the pressure of knowing what to write down and how to study for tests, but it also provides a good experience for students learning how to take notes. By the second semester, students will begin practicing taking notes on their own as the note packets become less complete and students are required to take more notes on their own.

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Science Shepherd Biology, 3rd Edition, by Dr. Scott Hardin, ISBN 978-0-9916369-1-4


Science Shepherd Biology, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Scott Hardin, ISBN ISBN 978-0982856840

Note:   The textbook is not the sole resource for information studied in our class, but rather is used as a resource for further reading and for information gathering for certain assignments.  Students are taught material via “fill-in-the-blank note packets” provided by the teacher to streamline the main concepts and highlight information to know.  


New students may be able to obtain a used book from a student in the previous year’s class for a discounted price or may join the private Excelsior Book Exchange on Facebook.  Teacher will email information concerning this in June before classes begin.

Lab Supplies: Students will receive a lab kit in the mail during the first couple of weeks of classes that includes lab items that will be needed during the year.  Items in the kit include beaker, test tubes, graduated cylinder, enzymes, petri dishes, agar, brine shrimp, pH strips, glucose strips, sterilized swabs, etc.  There will also be some perishable or liquid items that students will supply themselves from home such as liquid detergent, milk, salt, etc. (a complete list will be given in class).  The kit will be approximately $70, and the teacher will give instructions for paying this lab fee once class begins.

Debbie Stokes has been teaching science classes for over twenty years and still finds awe in how beautifully and intricately the Creator designed all things. She finds it a great privilege to journey through the “study of life” with students! Debbie graduated cum laude from Kennesaw State University in 1991 with a B.S. in biology. She also earned her M. Ed. in science education from Georgia State University. She taught high school science classes in the public school system of Cobb County, Georgia for sixteen years and has taught science classes online for the past six years. 

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