Intro to Technology and Engineering – ALMOST FULL


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Intro to Technology and Engineering – ALMOST FULL


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This course is ALMOST FULL.

STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) professions are the future of the workforce. Technology and automation have made their way into the most manual of jobs such as agriculture and construction. This course will introduce learners to the design process, from an idea to a finished product. Students will have a hands-on approach to learning about the five major engineering fields (civil, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and architectural). Design projects that allow students to explore their creativity are a large part of the learning process in this class, yet are able to be done on a budget (around $75). Students will also learn about career opportunities for each area. In addition to engineering, students will explore the technology used in each field, often having opportunity to interact with the technology on their own. STEM fields have changed almost every aspect of our lives, and this course is the doorway to your future. (Students may be required to use a Google Gmail address as part of this course.)

SPECIAL NOTE #1: Tuition includes a user license for Yellowdig, an internal communications platform for students to use within Canvas. Yellowdig promotes deeper discussion and critical thinking skills.


Please view prerequisites and required supplies below.

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Yellowdig, an internal communications platform for students to use within Canvas (included in registration)

No textbook is required for this class, but several design project kits (approximately $75) and other household items will be required.

1. Engineering Notebook: Composition notebook (approximately $1.00 at Walmart). You might like one with graph paper inside instead of lined paper. The graph paper might help you draw and it might help you keep your pages neat, but either kind of notebook is fine.

2. Stem Starter Kits: Available from Rainbow Resources

a. Paper Circuits (Stem Starter Kit) Item # 024887

b. Zip-Line Racers (Stem Starter Kit) Item # 025493

c. Egg Drop (Stem Starter Kit) Item # 024134

d. Balloon Car (Stem Starter Kit) Item # 023911

e. Hydraulics (Stem Starter Kit) Item #024266

3. Craft Sticks – 150 4.5″ Natural (Must be 4.5”x ⅜”, and quantity of 150)  Item #007836

4. Other supplies from home:

a. Phone, camera, or other way to take and post photos and videos of student work

b. Craft glue (Tacky or Elmer’s)

c. Paper clips and/or binder clips

d. Optional – Glue gun

e. Calculator

f. Pens, pencils

g. Ruler/straight-edge

Dr. Catherine Gillies grew up on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland. Her life after high school can be summed up in two words: “Big Adventures!” She graduated from the Naval Academy in 1989, going on to be a helicopter pilot serving on seven aircraft carriers during her career. She later flew in a Marine Corps squadron and taught Naval and Marine student pilots to fly the UH-1N "Huey."  Catherine earned a Masters in Psychology in 1997, a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2000, and a Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2003. Catherine retired from the Navy in June 2009.

Catherine has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for three different colleges. She and her family live near Annapolis, Maryland, where she was a homeschooling mom to three kids for 12 years. In her spare time, she likes to sew, bake, swim, sail, and hike. She has also been a Scout leader for 17 years. Through her mentorship, the youth she works with strengthen their servant leadership and become better stewards of God’s gift to us — our big, beautiful Earth.

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  1. R.F.

    AMAZING class! Very good intro to engineering for those students who have a knack for engineering. M. loved the class, as it was engaging and had interesting content on a weekly basis. GREAT TEACHER!

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