Intro to Technology and Engineering – ALMOST FULL



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Intro to Technology and Engineering – ALMOST FULL


STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) professions are the future of the workforce. Technology and automation have made their way into the most manual of jobs such as agriculture and construction. This course will introduce learners to the design process, from an idea to a finished product. Students will have a hands-on approach to learning about the five major engineering fields (civil, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and architectural). Design projects that allow students to explore their creativity are a large part of the learning process in this class, yet are able to be done on a budget (around $50). Students will also learn about career opportunities for each area. In addition to engineering, students will explore the technology used in each field, often having opportunity to interact with the technology on their own. STEM fields have changed almost every aspect of our lives, and this course is the doorway to your future.

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All reading material will be provided by the teacher. A supply list will also be provided by the teacher for the various design projects.

David Mills is a pastor, teacher, husband, father, and coach. He has a passion for seeing people grow through learning. His education career began in 1998, and he joined Excelsior in 2020. He has a wide range of interests from music, to Bible, to science, technology, and sports. These are reflected in his course offerings here at Excelsior.

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