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Earth Science

Delve into the fascinating study of our planet in this engaging and age appropriate Earth Science class!  Students will begin by learning the scientific method and will apply this systematic pursuit of knowledge throughout the course. Main topics covered include the observable universe, spheres of the Earth, landforms, rocks, soil, cycles (water, carbon, nitrogen), climate, and weather.  Students will gain knowledge through interactive discussions, simple hands-on experiments and demonstrations using common household items, guided activities, and reading.  We will use the textbook Apologia: Exploring Creation Through Earth Science as a guide, along with parent provided common household items and printable activity sheets.

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Apologia: Exploring Creation Through Earth Science, ISBN: 9781946506726

Lab materials will consist of parent provided common household items and printable activity sheets. The teacher will provide a list in the summer.

Diane Stum holds a B.S in elementary education, grades K-6, from Penn State University. She has experience teaching children from preschool to middle school in traditional classrooms as well as homeschool group classes and private tutoring.  As an elementary educator, she is trained in all content areas. Diane loves seeing student achievements firsthand.  She finds joy in teaching and celebrating student successes.

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