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Writing well is an essential skill that will positively impact the future career and life path of any student. This Composition Class sets the foundation of solid writing proficiency in paragraph and basic essay construction. Utilizing Jensen’s Punctuation and other materials provided by the teacher, students will be primarily focusing on developing stronger essay construction and editing capabilities, honing grammar and punctuation skills, and learning to write effectively in different writing styles.

Coaching students each step of the way, the teacher provides detailed feedback moving students from where they are one or two steps at a time. This individualized feedback promotes student growth and ensures individual writing success no matter the writing background. Students will be exposed to comparative, persuasive, and descriptive writing in detail with a touch of creative and narrative writing along the way for a well-rounded semester of writing exposure.

Students will learn basic conventions of MLA format, thesis construction, introduction and conclusion writing techniques, revising and editing strategies, and more. This Foundations of Composition course will promote student choice in weekly writing topics under large topic guidelines, which provides the opportunity to integrate other subjects and interests being studied into the writing assignments for this course. This composition course is ideal for a student new to formal writing instruction or for the student who needs help mastering the basics of quality writing.

NOTE: This is a high school level course which requires a firm grasp of grammar. Students should understand and be able to identify all parts of speech and have a basic understanding of phrases and clauses. We do not recommend this course for 7th graders or below due to the pace and the requisite grammar skills. If you have questions about English placement, please contact

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Jensen’s Punctuation: A Complete Guide to All Your Punctuation Needs by Frode Jenson, ISBN-13: 978-0890519943

Danielle Guerra is a homeschool graduate and a Houston, Texas born and bred native. Throughout her high school education, she developed an interest in global politics and political theory. After becoming involved with National Model United Nations (NMUN) as an honors student at her local community college, she decided to pursue her bachelor’s degree in political science. Danielle graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler with her Bachelor of Science in political science with minors in both art history and international relations. At UT Tyler, Danielle served as Head Delegate for three NMUN conferences and won multiple position paper awards for her writings on global issues. Danielle also performed freelance research and writing during her undergraduate degree helping others with their communication needs and tasks. She maintains a strong enthusiasm for academic writing and building strong rhetoric. She fulfills this passion for academia and education through constant involvement in the educational sector. She continues to serve as a private tutor and is contracted to perform research and writing for academicians thus allowing her to further develop her skills and help others do the same. In her free time, Danielle can often be found caring for her tropical plant collection, baking bread or cupcakes, or enjoying a good book.

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