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Medieval History: Shining a Light on the Dark Ages – CLOSED

The Middle Ages is also known as the Dark Ages, but it was not a period of lost time.  Important developments in the years following the Fall of Rome set the stage for the Renaissance to come.  Join us as we uncover the truth about this often misunderstood and mysterious period in World History. Be there as we shed light on the early Church, nation-building, the Age of Chivalry and much more.  Assignments will focus on primary sources as a supplement to the textbook.

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The Book of the Middle Ages by Dorothy Mills (2nd edition) ISBN: 9781547702398

Becky Frank has been steeped in American History from her early days growing up on the family farm in Northeastern North Carolina. Although Barrow Creek farm has been in her family since the 1680s, her parents were the first to live on it in three generations. On the farm she learned to milk cows, shear sheep, and drive a tractor.

After an internship at historic Edenton, she received a B.S. in Public History from Appalachian State University in 1992. Answering God’s call to teach in a classroom setting, she added teacher certification from East Carolina University to her degree in 1998. Becky then taught social studies in Gates County, North Carolina where her classes included U.S. History, World History, Economics, Government, and Humanities. After she moved to Northern Wake County with her new husband and began a family in 2004, she taught American History online for six years.

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