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Intro to Ink: High School Journalism


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Intro to Ink: High School Journalism


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This introductory class is for students who want to learn the craft of journalism with a focus on writing. Students will learn the differences between news, feature and opinion writing. They will learn what makes a topic newsworthy. Students will spend time examining media bias and learning to be wise news consumers. From the beginning of class, students will be expected to read a ‘local’ newspaper (print or digital.) As students study journalism basics interviewing, news writing, editing and some fundamental copy editing skills based on the Associated Press stylebook, they will be given the opportunity to write copy that will be submitted for publication.

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Journalism Basics 2nd edition by Megan Horst (ISBN 978-1974208166)
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Students will need to read a local newspaper during the semester; digital or print copies are fine.  A news magazine students might consider subscribing to is WORLD or WorldTeen, which report on the news from a Biblical worldview.

Jamie Anderson is passionate about helping homeschool students become better communicators.  As a homeschool mom herself, Anderson combines several years of online homeschool teaching experience with a career in radio broadcasting and public relations to offer a unique experience to students at Excelsior Classes.

Receiving a journalism degree from Iowa State University helped Anderson see the importance of being curious (with newsmakers), precise (in her writing) and creative (for her audience.) These skills translate into many communication situations for homeschool students.

Since 2013, Anderson has worked with homeschool students each school year to guide them in producing a monthly newspaper. Many of those students graduated, went on to college and used the skills they gained under her tutelage to work on a college newspaper, major in journalism or just use the team-building skills in their college and career endeavors.

Since September 2012, Anderson has taught speech communications online, after a decade of working with homeschool students in-person; this follows a public relations career that included training adults across the country how to confidently communicate their message in front of an audience or with a news reporter.

In September 2019 Anderson was invited back into the world of broadcasting to co-host an award-winning morning drive show on a Michigan adult contemporary radio station, but that job was cut short by the pandemic. Using those newly-honed digital audio production skills, she helped a friend produce a podcast production, voicing the Graceful Dawn devotionals.

Anderson graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Mass Communication. After working at radio stations in Iowa and Minnesota, she moved to Colorado for twelve years, working in public relations for the National Cattlemen’s Association.

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