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Pre-Algebra (Grade 8) – GROUP 2


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Pre-Algebra is a math class typically taken before Algebra I to prepare your student for success in Algebra I. It is normally taken in 8th grade.  

Pre Algebra is a math class typically taken before Algebra I to prepare your student for success in higher level math classes.  This 8th grade pre algebra course will cover topics such as multi-step equations, geometry basics, graphing and writing linear equations, systems of linear equations, data analysis, functions, exponents, scientific notation, and the Pythagorean Theorem. While students will learn the “step-by-step” methods of solving equations, they will also be given real world math problems and use reasoning & logic to make conjectures.  This is a rigorous course that will set your student up for success in Algebra I

All Excelsior math instructors will be utilizing Big Ideas Math curriculum written by Ron Larson, Ph.D. and Laurie Boswell, Ed.D. This material will prepare students for upper level and college math classes. Students will have access to a digital platform that has many tools to facilitate learning. The digital user license is included in your course deposit. The material Excelsior Classes math classes will use is not common core aligned.

Parents and students can expect weekly homework assignments, weekly quizzes, chapter tests, and cumulative fall and spring semester tests.  There will also be two or three math projects that allow students to use their creativity to show mastery of a concept.

Please see this video for more about Excelsior Classes math courses and why you should choose us for your math education.

This class meets twice per week. Each meeting is 60 minutes. Regular, live attendance is strongly advised. Recordings are available if a class is missed or there is a conflict with another course. Students should watch the recording as soon as possible.




Before registering, math students new to Excelsior Classes math courses and wanting to enroll must take a placement exam.


These students should take the Pre-Algebra Readiness Assessment.  While this course is typically completed in the 7th or 8th grade, ability to do the work is more important than age or grade. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure students are well placed in Pre-Algebra. Scan the completed assessment, including all scratch work and send to The assessment will be graded and Mrs. Spraker will make the appropriate recommendations for placement in the Excelsior mathematics program.


Special Note 1: If you register for the course prior to receiving teacher feedback and decide to withdraw from the course, the deposit remains non-refundable. The deposit is transferable to another math course or another course for the current school year. 


Special Note 2: As in all Excelsior Classes courses, math class instruction is tied to the curated syllabus, and the teacher will teach to the syllabus and not to a particular skill set of a student. In other words, the teacher cannot sacrifice content and expectations overall for an individual student as we need to stay in alignment with educational goals, class participant expectations, and NCAA approval of our courses.

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Included in registration is the ebook for the text below. Excelsior Classes distributes the licenses for digital access.

Big Ideas Math – Modeling Real Life Grade 8 – Larson & Boswell – Samples may be viewed here and here.

A physical textbook is available but not required. It may be acquired on the second hand market. Please contact your teacher for more specifics on ISBN number.

Susan Spraker believes that each person has unlimited capacity to learn in their own unique way. It is her passion to lead students toward their own learning style in order for each to grow, to find their calling, and to excel. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with certification in K-8th grade. She has experience in various private and public elementary school environments. For the past eight years, her main role has been homeschool teacher for her children.

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11 reviews for Pre-Algebra (Grade 8) – GROUP 2 (5/5 stars)

  1. Jessica W

    This class is a really solid course to build upon in high school math. We are not a math-strong family, but Mrs. Spraker makes things make sense, so I am grateful for that!

  2. M.C.

    Mrs Spraker was an amazing teacher. Our daughter completed her course and left feeling competent in the concepts of Pre-Algebra and ready for Algebra 1. Mrs Spraker was diligent in communication and made sure her students knew what was expected of them.

  3. Tricia B.

    Mrs. Spraker goes above and beyond to make sure students understand the concepts being taught. She is available for questions for both students and parents.

  4. Chrisanta G.

    Excellent class, excellent communication. Took the pre-test and emailed instructor prior to registration to feel confident in the choice for our daughter. While we were told she could take it, she may struggle at times, she did excellent to the point of testing into the advanced high school class. Very thrilled with the progress daughter made in Pre-Algebra!

  5. Aletha

    We are currently in our first year at Exelsior and I was very nervous about my son learning via online classes – especially math! However, Mrs. Speaker has made this new format of learning for us so approachable and easy. She has made herself available time and time again whenever Xander was stuck on a new concept. I am so grateful for her and highly recommend Mrs. Spraker!

  6. Alice B.

    Mrs. Spraker is an engaging, patient, and thorough math instructor. Both of our children have excelled under her instruction (one who is a natural math talent and the other who discovered their math ability and grew confidence and competence). The material is always presented in a clear and methodical manner, and the kids love her! As a parent, I always appreciate the prompt and informative communication with Mrs. Spraker. Despite being a virtual class, she develops close relationships with her students and is able to assist with future course placement. Thanks for being such a positive influence in our education journey.

  7. Lauren Caldwell

    I cannot say enough about this math class and what it’s done for our daughter. She came in with zero confidence and fearful. She will be leaving with confidence and a much better outlook on school overall. We can’t thank you enough.

  8. Susan M.

    Mrs. Spraker has been such a wonderful and much-needed addition to our schooling journey. She is a wonderful teacher and so kind to the students. She is patient and reasonable and knows her stuff. We are so thankful the Lord led us to her this year. She has helped my son gain confidence and ability. I look forward to many future classes with her for my other children as well.

  9. Jennifer S.

    I am SO thankful for Mrs. Spraker and the Excelsior Pre-algebra class! My daughter was in tears every time we did math before enrolling her in this online class. She now looks forward to math! She is understanding the concepts and is doing above and beyond what any of us expected! Mrs Spraker is a wonderful teacher and we are so grateful to have taken this class!

  10. Jessica V.

    This is our second year with Mrs. Spraker and she is wonderful! Math can be challenging at times, and I really appreciate the patience and care she puts into teaching and keeping all of the students engaged.

  11. Miranda

    Susan fosters a love for learning, encourages the kids in their strengths and sets up strong moral values. This is what I wanted in a teacher and I’m extremely pleased! Thank you, Susan!

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