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Exploring Space

The final age of exploration is truly that of space! The Word declares that this is indeed His glory and His handiwork! In this course students analyze and explore this final frontier available to man. Why enter space? What are the benefits? What are the consequences? What are the dynamics involved in it, both scientific and political?

Students will come to understand manned and unmanned space flights including the framework and workings of spaceflight, the various vehicles used, the launching systems as well as flight mission systems and protocols. The first half of the course covers the history of the space program, particularly the space race with the former Soviet Union. The second half is an introduction to the science of orbits and propulsion. Pupils also examine the engineering aspects of current technology such as Nano, robotics and even the pioneering commercialization of mankind’s last frontier.

The classroom time for this course is small group-oriented. Be prepared to work together with fellow classmates!

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Exploring Space Textbook, ISBN: 9781537597089  (Amazon only)
Space Student Workbook, ISBN: 9781519668455  (Amazon only)
When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions DVD 4-Disc Set

Gene Doremus grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York in a very large family: eight brothers and six sisters. After nine enlisted years in the Air Force, he became an officer and served twenty-two more years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Most of his career was in munitions or aircraft maintenance where he proudly served on the deployed headquarters staff during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. His claim to fame came immediately after 9/11 when he led the U.S. Central Command’s Joint Munitions Office for Operation Enduring Freedom. Retiring in 2005, he taught JROTC for six years.

Gene currently owns a small-town weekly newspaper and teaches five subjects online for Excelsior.

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