American Government – LETU POLS 2503 or Honors – GROUP 1 – CLOSED



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American Government – LETU POLS 2503 or Honors – GROUP 1 – CLOSED

Is the U.S. a republic or a democracy? Should the mass media play a role in defining American government? Did the Founding Fathers define the government adequately? Do citizens serve the government, or does the government serve the people, abiding by the Judeo-Christian values granted it by the Constitution?

This course will be an eye-opener for students! The objective of American Government is to provide pupils with an understanding of the principles and ideals of the Founding Fathers, the structure and function of the branches of government, as well as the policy considerations and politics facing our nation. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a Mock Congress utilizing concepts learned in this course. This is a highly interactive class, in which critical thinking and discussion are cornerstones.  Supreme Court cases and original documents of the framers will be discussed and analyzed.

Special Note: This course is available as dual credit; however, a student does not have to dual enroll to take the class.

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American Democracy Now, Sixth Edition by Harrison, Harris, and Deardorff. ISBN: 978-1259912399, U.S. Government trifold academic outline

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