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Colored and Watercolor Pencil


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In this course, the students will be introduced to colored pencils and watercolor pencil. Upon successful completion of the course, students will gain proficiency in the use of these media in drawing, portraiture, abstract art, animals, scientific illustration, landscapes, and more. They will be introduced to techniques, application, and incorporation of these techniques in art expression. They will be introduced to the basic elements of art and provided opportunities to experiment with these elements. Finally, students will be exposed to a multitude of career choices in the field of illustration.  The ultimate goal of this class is for students to execute successful drawings and to produce a body of cohesive art composition using colored pencil and watercolor pencil.

This course is offered for those who enjoy drawing.  Knowing that there will be varying levels of mastery in drawing skills, the instructor will offer various challenge levels as we approach each topic.  In this way, the student will be able to receive the challenge he/she needs at a basic or advanced level.  These two tracks will culminate in a collection of projects or an online portfolio.  Live class demos, in-class drawing time, and self-determined challenges will continue to engage students in our studio community.  Students should expect short daily drawing assignments as well as larger completed drawing projects.  Plan to devote 2-4 hours of time per week outside of class to this subject.

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A list of colored pencil and watercolor materials will be supplied to enrolled students.  Computer video and audio capabilities are strongly encouraged.

Julie Rohr is both a homeschooling parent and a professional educator.  She has served students of all ages and skill levels in both live and online settings.  She has written curriculum and has presented on topics in local, national, and international forums.  Julie has taught for the past 22+ years in many areas of art and culture.  She knows there is more to enjoy in great art than just “The Last Supper.”  Ms. Rohr has personally developed a series of Art History courses that delights and engages students.  Her drawing classes have seen participants grow in leaps and bounds!  She is excited to offer a new course in general art for high school students that will ensure they have a solid foundation in a broad range of visual art topics. Additionally, Ms. Rohr serves as a student and parent-oriented community builder, offering social events and clubs for Excelsior students and families.  The results of her time in class and clubs are confident, thoughtful, informed students who are ready to contribute to the culture around them with a biblical view of art and creative skills.  

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  1. Catherine G

    Julie Rohr is a bundle of awesome! My daughter started out as a nervous, beginning middle school artist with Mrs. Rohr and emerged a more confident and capable artist, ready to try out more techniques and media. I often listened to Mrs. Rorh’s classes while my daughter was in class, and Mrs. Rohr provided solid feedback and encouragement. I could definitely see the improvements the students made from week to week. She is really good at coaxing each student to blossom. Whether you have a newbie or a seasoned artist, Mrs. Rohr won’t disappoint! She’s fun, positive, creative, encouraging, and she inspires good things from her students.

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