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General Art – Fine Arts A


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General Art: Fine Arts will offer the opportunity for high school students to develop a keen understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design and a practical knowledge of how to use a varied range of traditional artist materials. Each week students will focus on a particular element of design, learning from a variety of historical and contemporary examples. Students will complete art projects each week incorporating concepts discussed in class. Additionally, student will present one short info session on an artist of their choosing. All projects will be explored in a non-digital format. Drawing, painting, sculpture, and other design formats will be explored. This semester we focus on: line, shape, color, texture, value, space and form.

Who should take this?

  • Inexperienced artists/students who would like a general understanding of art to further round out their studies and skills. (You do not need to be “talented”, you just need to be willing to try.)
  • Experienced art students who are looking to try new materials and advanced challenges.
  • Focused artists who would like to incorporate the elements and principles of design into current work.

Special Note
: Students may opt to continue in the spring and should register for General Art: Fine Arts Focus B for new and continued material.


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A materials list will be provided to enrolled students beginning in July. Contact the teacher at for more information.

Julie Rohr is both a homeschooling parent and a professional educator.  She has served students of all ages and skill levels in both live and online settings.  She has written curriculum and has presented on topics in local, national, and international forums.  Julie has taught for the past 22+ years in many areas of art and culture.  She knows there is more to enjoy in great art than just “The Last Supper.”  Ms. Rohr has personally developed a series of Art History courses that delights and engages students.  Her drawing classes have seen participants grow in leaps and bounds!  She is excited to offer a new course in general art for high school students that will ensure they have a solid foundation in a broad range of visual art topics. Additionally, Ms. Rohr serves as a student and parent-oriented community builder, offering social events and clubs for Excelsior students and families.  The results of her time in class and clubs are confident, thoughtful, informed students who are ready to contribute to the culture around them with a biblical view of art and creative skills.  

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6 reviews for General Art – Fine Arts A (5/5 stars)

  1. Parent J.

    My daughter loved this class and is in the Spring class as well. Such a variety of projects that really helped my daughter discover her creativity and artistic abilities. It challenged her but was a lot of fun at the same time. Looking forward to my youngest daughter taking classes with Mrs. Rohr as well!

  2. Student M

    This class was fun and definitely one of my favorites. Each week the project used a different medium from drawing in pencil at the beginning to working with clay at the end and learning about the elements of design and how to use those elements in some of the projects. Working with the different mediums was probably one of my favorite things about the class since I was able to test out ones I haven’t used before (and now enjoy) and revisit ones I haven’t used in years.

  3. Student F

    I had an awesome time learning the basics of art with Mrs.Rohr!

  4. Student L.

    This was a fun and engaging class with a lot of great projects! I really enjoyed it, and I feel like I learned a lot.

  5. Student J

    I loved this class and am already signed up for the continued course. All of the projects/assignments were varied and were super fun to work on. The daily classes are chill but super engaging as well. I have learned so much about the elements of art and it has been one of my favorite classes this semester. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a low-key but also challenging art class. Additionally, everyone in the class is super encouraging and kind. I look forward to it every week and can’t wait for the next semester.

  6. Student E

    This class was fun and entertaining! Lots of great projects and assignments!

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